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Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. is proud to offer wastewater information for your home or business in Bethel, OH. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information on all types of wastewater issues, from residential on-site systems to commercial and municipal wastewater treatment and biosolids reuse. The following lists from our septic systems tank service contain information that we have found useful.

  • Understanding Residential On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems
  • Understanding Your Standard Septic System
  • Understanding Your Sand Filter System
  • Understanding Your Mound System
  • Understanding Your Aeration System
  • Landscaping & Sewage Systems
  • Septic System Dos & Don’ts

The Leachfield

The leachfield receives septic systems tank effluent. It has a network of perforated pipes laid in gravel-filled trenches (2 to 3 feet wide), or beds (over 3 feet wide) in the soil. Wastewater trickles out of the pipes, through the gravel layer, and into the soil. The size and type of leachfield depends on the estimated daily wastewater flow and soil conditions.

Every new leachfield is required to have a designated replacement area. It must be maintained should the existing system need an addition or repair. Call our wastewater service for assistance when installing a new leachfield.

The Soil

The soil below the leachfield provides the final treatment and disposal of the septic systems tank effluent. After the effluent has passed into the soil, most of it percolates downward and outward, eventually entering the groundwater. A small percentage is taken up by plants through their roots, or evaporates from the soil.

The soil filters effluent as it passes through the pore spaces. Chemical and biological processes treat the effluent before it reaches groundwater, or a restrictive layer, such as hardpan, bedrock, or clay soils. These processes work best where the soil is somewhat dry, permeable, and contains plenty of oxygen for several feet below the drainfield.

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