How to Deal with Septic Cleanup in Bethel, OH

It’s one of the worst situations to be in: realizing that your septic system has malfunctioned and your drainfield is now completely flooded with wastewater. Between the overpowering smell, the pungent heaviness of the air and the unsightly mess that you’re no doubt staring at in horror, figuring out how you’re going to deal with septic cleanup in Bethel, OH can seem like a monumental task.

Luckily, Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. is here to ensure that this catastrophic problem is a short lived one and you’re back to enjoying your septic system and your backyard in no time at all! Take a look at what needs to be done in the event of a septic malfunction:

Stay away: The first and foremost step to dealing with a septic overflow is to stay away! Wastewater is tremendously dangerous and unsanitary, posing innumerable problems if you come into contact with it. Aside from risking your own health and safety by closing in to inspect an overflow problem, you’re also opening the door for contagions to spread. Keep yourself, your family and your pets away from raw wastewater and call a professional immediately to alert them to your need for septic cleanup in Bethel, OH.

Dewatering: Once a septic professional has assessed the situation you’re dealing with, the next step to alleviating it is to immediately dewater the area. This is commonly done through a combination of septic pumping and aeration of the drainfield, which will serve to reduce any standing wastewater and ensure that effluent is reabsorbed by the drainfield. Once the dewatering is complete, a substantial portion of the danger has passed, since the threat of raw effluent is no longer present.

Investigating: Why did your septic system fail? What caused the drainfield to flood? These are questions that you will be looking to have answered, which will likely prompt an investigation of your septic system to determine the cause of the issue.

Repairs and maintenance: If and when a problem is uncovered in your septic environment, immediate action needs to be taken to make sure that you’re not faced with a situation that requires septic cleanup in Bethel, OH again. Or, if the issue lies within your drainfield itself, a septic professional will help you to understand your options moving forward.

Raw effluent and septic overflows are nothing to take lightly when they occur and, if possible, should always be remedied immediately and assessed for future occurrences. The dangers of a septic overflow cannot be understated and, aside from being an unsightly mess on your property, they can dramatically impact your quality of life.

If you’ve spotted signs of capacity issues on your drainfield or have encountered overflow issues in the past, speak with a dewatering service that can provide insight into why it happened or continues to happen. The sooner you’re able to fix the problem with a sustainable solution, the sooner you’ll be able to continue to rely on your system without the overhanging threat of an overflow.

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