Do You Need Septic Service in Bethel, OH? Here Are Five Warning Signs to Never Ignore

When septic systems fail, it is normally catastrophic. That is why the best septic service in Bethel, OH is maintenance and inspection, not repair. By the time you require a repair, there is often significant damage and inconvenience already sustained that will compromise the health of your land—as well as your budget. In order to avoid any septic tank disasters, you will need to pay attention to any changes in and around your system. If any of these five warning signs emerge, call for service immediately:

  • Slow drains: If no amount of pipe snake effort speeds up the drainage in your home, your septic tank is likely having trouble. Slow drains in homes attached to septic systems are indicative of a full tank or pipe damage. If water gurgles as it drains slowly, that frequently suggests that waste and water is not flowing freely, which is also a bad event in the making. Slow drains that do not respond to usual methods of clearing them never suggest anything good. You will require professional assistance as soon as you can arrange it.
  • Damp areas: Plants growing around your septic tank area or leach field indicates tank leaks. Under normal circumstances, this area is normally barren, but with increased moisture, you will see vegetation appear once again. Damage to pipes or full lines can also cause this problem. If the condition of this area escalates from plant growth to becoming soggy, you may need to request emergency intervention from your septic service provider.
  • Odors: You will frequently smell a septic tank problem before you see it. If you notice odors rising from drains or the ventilation system, calamity is likely soon to follow. The smell you detect will resemble rotten eggs, as that is the methane gas seeping through the system. Indicative of blocked drains and inadequate pumping, you will need to call a septic service provider immediately.
  • Malfunctioning toilets: Like your drains, your toilets will also act up if there’s trouble with your septic system. There will be frequent backups and failures to flush completely. Overfilling and floods will also occur. This normally indicates clogged drainage systems, an overflowing tank or a malfunctioning leach field. No matter the cause, it needs attention before it becomes much worse.
  • Putting off a flush: If you have been putting off a tank flush or inspection for two years or more, there is already a red flag right there. Even if the septic system works well, this is still a significant risk to take. Leaks, backups and other issues can often be detected before showing signs with this simple step. Securing this maintenance at least every one to two years will keep your septic system working and protect your family from significant inconvenience.

When you require septic service in Bethel, OH, Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. is ready to assist. We are your source when you need wastewater and sewer solutions. Call us today to arrange an inspection or address any symptoms you’ve recently noticed.

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