Problems Resulting from a Lack of Lagoon Cleaning in Bethel, OH

A wastewater lagoon—whether suspension mixed or facultative in nature—is a highly beneficial way to promote bio-oxidation and facilitate water treatment. A lagoon offers a number of benefits of treatment facilities, however they can also offer a number of drawbacks: particularly when they’re not provided with proper and timely lagoon cleaning in Bethel, OH. Because, despite the lagoon being used to treat water, the pond itself must be given appropriate treatment in order to function at its truest and fullest capacity.

What kinds of problems are you going to run into if you’re not diligent in providing your lagoon with the cleaning services it needs to function appropriately? Take a look at a list of some of the most pertinent problems:

  • First and foremost, a buildup of excess sludge is going to be the biggest problem you end up facing. This excess sludge is going to inhibit oxidation and thus slow down the process and overall effectiveness of your lagoon. Over time, this impediment is going to cost you a tremendous amount of money in wasted effort, as well as the funds needed to thoroughly dredge and clean the lagoon.
  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is going to rise in a lagoon that’s dirty or hampered by excess sludge. Essentially, what BOD means is that effluent levels are extremely strong, requiring more oxygen via the microorganisms breaking down the effluent and facilitating the biological oxidation process.
  • Total Suspended Solids (TSS) is going to be on the rise in an increasingly overworked lagoon, which means more solid effluent that needs to be broken down. TSS is non-filterable residue, which means at some points it’s going to need to be broken down or dredged—as it accumulates, it’s going to impede oxygenation, which makes lagoon cleaning in Bethel, OH essential in removing these solids.
  • Ammonia and other nitrates are going to become increasingly more present in a dirty lagoon, which means more effort required to treat the lagoon itself to minimize these chemicals.
  • Finally, and perhaps the most immediately noticeable when it comes to unmaintained lagoons, is going to be the odor. Putrid smells will only continue to get worse when a lagoon demands cleaning and, thanks to the TSS and ammonia levels within the lagoon, will become toxic quickly.

The idea is that a properly maintained wastewater lagoon is going to do its job effectively and without much impedance—however this only applies to lagoons that receive proper maintenance! Lagoon cleaning in Bethel, OH is the purest form of maintenance these features can have and it’s important to recognize when the time has come for cleaning or when the time has passed.

Pay attention to all of the above variables in regards to lagoon cleaning and you’ll find yourself in a better position than most when it comes to combating the damaging effects of a lagoon that’s malfunctioning or failing due to a lack of proper upkeep.

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