Tips for Choosing Chlorine Tablets in Bethel, OH

When you have a septic system, it is important that you are properly maintaining it. Most people assume this is as simple as making sure it is pumped and avoiding flushing anything but tissue and waste, but this responsibility also includes using chlorine tablets.

Chlorine tablets are the perfect way to ensure wastewater and effluents are sanitized prior to leaving your septic system. Not only do they kill bacteria, but they also decrease the chances of this bacteria causing harm to humans. People don’t always realize it, but with the use of chlorine tablets, they are saving a life. That being the case, when you are at the store picking up tablets for your septic system, you will want to make sure you purchase the appropriate chlorine tablets.

Here are a few tips for choosing chlorine tablets in Bethel, OH:

  • Look for calcium hypochlorite: There has been some confusion about what type of chlorine is okay to put in septic systems. Homeowners should remember that the chlorine they put in their pool and the chlorine they put in their septic system are different products. When purchasing tablets, look for calcium hypochlorite tablets. They are specially designed for septic tanks and powerful enough to clear away bacteria living in the water.
  • Consider the type of septic system you have: There is more than one type of septic system that homes can have. Many of the chlorine tablets that are available in stores and online are suitable for most septic systems, but you do want to double check that whatever tablets you purchase are appropriate for the type of septic system you have.
  • Consider how much money you’re willing to spend: Liquid bleach chlorinator, unlike chlorine tablets, only requires bleach to be put in your system once a month. Compared to what you will spend on tablets, you could save significantly. However, with chlorine tablets, you can just put them in your system, while an LBC needs to be installed before you can use liquid bleach.

Some people may question whether they have to use chlorine tablets in septic systems and if it really makes a difference. The point of using these tablets is to ensure the wastewater is clean once it leaves your system and does not harm anyone. Even though some areas do not require homeowners to use chlorine tablets and people are unsure of how effective they are, it would be wise to make chlorine tablets part of your septic maintenance routine, especially if it will keep you and your family safe and healthy.

Septic systems can be complex and can easily confuse homeowners. While this may be true, one thing that is clear to anyone with a septic system is that there are a lot of bacteria living in the water in your tank. You may not pay as much attention to your septic system as you should or perform maintenance when it is necessary, but you should at least remember to add chlorine tablets.

Those with questions about chlorine tablets in Bethel, OH, or about their septic systems in general, should contact Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. to speak to a professional.

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