Why Preventative Storm Drain Cleaning Is a Vital Part of Septic Service in Bethel, OH

While it is obvious that storm drains should remain as clear as possible at all times, most people might not know about the true importance of this maintenance, or the dangers that come with failure to do so. If you neglect septic service in Bethel, OH, your property could be left with foundational compromises, dangerous safety hazards and severe flooding.


If your storm drain has debris that is ignored for too long, small holes could develop on your property over time. This unattended debris eventually begins to rot and decompose, which could create problems for the foundation underneath the surface and around the area of the storm drain runoff. If the ground in this area becomes too weak to support the runoff and holes develop underground, the soil above ground will slowly begin to sink into this void, scattering unsightly holes on your property.

Although a large sinkhole that swallows up everything on your property is unlikely, a hole of any kind is an eyesore and a potential safety hazard. Because the chemicals that are underground could pollute the water and deteriorate the structural soundness of any buildings located nearby, the landscape and usefulness of the land around the sink hole could also be effected. All of these troubles can be avoided with routine cleaning of the storm drains, ensuring that any blockage or debris does not become a property owner’s nightmare.

Busted pipes

If your storm drain is fully blocked and the storm water is not able to pass at all, the pressure of the trapped water could lead to weaknesses and subsequent leaking in the underground piping—or to the piping bursting altogether. As a result, you could be left with serious structural damage that will quickly become an absolute headache to repair. Additionally, if the soil in the areas near the underground leakage becomes oversaturated and swells, extreme strain will be put on the foundations of any homes or buildings near the problem area. Once the structural soundness is compromised on this level, your entire property is in danger.

The other path that the storm water and debris could take is back into wherever the piping connects with your home. If this is in your basement, bad flooding could occur, and a lot of time and money will be required to clear it out. Even after all of the water has been removed, restoring your basement and furniture is just another expense that you will have to cover in addition to repairing the infrastructure of your pipes.

Preventative storm drain cleaning might not seem like a significant part of septic service in Bethel, OH, but it is pretty clear that it should not be taken lightly. The affordable cleaning and maintenance that Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. provides for the city of Bethel is vital to fending off property damage and other long-term disasters, so be sure to give us a call right away to set up an appointment this fall. We look forward to assisting you!

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