Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. Is Your Source for Sludge Cleanup in Bethel, OH

It’s official: we’re solidly into spring, which means lots of rain and storms. It’s sometimes fun to listen to a storm from the comfort of home, but less fun when that storm makes its way into your home due to a clogged drain or pipe system. Luckily, Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. is here to help. We are a trusted resource in the Southwest Ohio area because we keep residents safe and dry by maintaining a clean drain system. Part of this responsibility means making sure we stay on top of sludge cleanup in Bethel, OH, especially after a heavy rain.

Your experts for sludge disposal

When your system is clogged, you know you can call someone to come and unclog it. Often, the culprit is sludge, and lots of it. But do you know what happens to the sludge after it’s removed? At Gullett Sanitation Services Inc., we know the ins and outs of sludge cleanup, and we are the city’s go-to resource for dewatering and sludge management for all types of situations.

We are able to create a dry sludge that can be used for land application, compost or even incineration. Our lime post-treatment systems are all P.F.R.P.–approved, and we pride ourselves on keeping well-maintained equipment at the ready for quick and simple setup, even in the most difficult conditions.

We have the solution

We’ve been helping with sludge cleanup for over 15 years, so we know the ins and outs of all kinds of situations. We have an experienced crew of sewer system technicians on hand to remove sludge from lagoons, holding tanks, digesters and thickeners.

Plus, we are qualified to closely analyze the material in order to make the driest possible cake and produce a filtrate that demonstrates the highest quality of cleanliness.

We are flexible

When it comes to sludge cleanup, no two jobs are precisely the same. At Gullett Sanitation Services Inc., our number one goal is to keep the residents of Bethel safe and healthy at all times, so we are prepared for any type of sludge condition. Whether it’s a wastewater plant or meat processing plant, paper-and-pulp mill or oil refinery, Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. has the experts and the equipment to remove and properly dewater the sludge.

Non-hazardous waste removal

From lagoons and food service grease to septage and processed water, we have a fleet of trailers and trucks that can hold up to 6,000 gallons of wastewater for safe transportation. We can vacuum, skim and completely remove even the most stubborn waste from the most challenging conditions.

Plus, we can run complete analytical tests to make sure everything is up to federal and state regulations for transporting and disposing of wastewater.

Quality service at a fair price

We have it all: experience, equipment and honest pricing. You can feel confident that Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. is working hard to keep Bethel residents safe and healthy every time we provide sludge cleanup in Bethel, OH. To learn more about our services, please get in touch with us today!

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