Have a Septic Service in Bethel, OH Inspect Your Septic Tank for Safety

Having regular inspections of your septic tank can be a benefit in multiple ways. Not only does it alert you if there is a problem with the operation of your septic system, but it can also warn you about any dangers to the integrity of your tank. Integral failures of your septic tank can pose a serious safety risk to your home or business, ranging from a collapse to an explosion. Having a septic service in Bethel, OH inspect your tank on a regular basis can help to ward off these dangers and allow you to make the necessary repairs without incident.

Keeping safe through tank inspections

Septic tanks that have lost their integrity are susceptible to cave-ins from unstable ground, or a complete collapse of the structure from rotting, rust or corrosion that has weakened the walls of the tank.

Other dangers such as methane gas explosions or asphyxiation hazards can also occur without the proper ventilation of your septic system. A septic service in Bethel, OH can identify these issues early on so you can get the assistance you need to alleviate these symptoms before they cause a serious situation on your property.

When you have an inspection of your septic tank conducted by a septic service, you can rest assured that your septic system is in proper working order. You will understand the health of your system as well as its usable life, so you can be prepared for the costs associated with necessary repairs or replacements.

What to expect from your inspection

During your septic system inspection, your tank will be checked for any leaks, as well as have a backflow inspection performed. The condition of your tank will be identified, in addition to an examination of the dividing walls and baffles. A capacity check will occur, as well as a tank content level inspection, and all of your drain lines will be examined. A sludge test will be performed to determine the amount of sewage in your tanks and help to gauge when your next tank cleaning will be due.

Having a septic service in Bethel, OH check your septic tank in between cleanings can ensure you don’t have an issue that becomes hazardous. Only allow a professional to inspect your septic tank, as they have the knowledge and experience to identify problems properly and will be able to give you a thorough inspection of your septic system. Septic tank inspections are also very common with the purchase of a new home to determine the condition of the tank prior to the sale.

While a cleaning of your tank may only occur every two to three years, it is highly recommended that you have a septic tank inspection every year to maintain the integrity of your system. Contact Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. to schedule your next septic tank inspection. Our trained and certified professionals can make sure your home or business is safe from any septic tank hazards through an inspection, repair or replacement of your septic system.

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