Check Out Some of These Interesting Things That Have Been Found in Sewers Around the World!

The world of waste water transportation in Bethel, OH and beyond is one that is unknown to many. Most people don’t stop during their day to consider septic services, sewage treatment and the like. But that doesn’t mean that sewers can’t be interesting! In fact, there are so many bizarre things that have been found in sewers around the world, it could make your head spin!

To give you a glimpse into the sometimes-strange world of waste water transportation, here are a few of the most interesting things that have been found in sewers around the world!

  • Alligator: It’s the stuff of nightmares. A 600-pound alligator was found in 2006 in Texas inside a 3-foot-wide drain. How scary!
  • Sheep: While we’re on the subject of animals in sewers, how about an unlikely one? A single sheep was discovered by sewer inspectors in Surrey in the United Kingdom.
  • A baby: Somehow, this actually happened. A living baby was found in a sewer in Sydney, Australia after someone heard its cries. Fortunately, the baby was rescued and grew up to be healthy above-ground!
  • Hand grenade: Apparently, the sewers are full of living things, including live hand grenades! These grenades were discovered in the sewers of London.
  • Dinosaur bones: In Alberta, Canada, construction workers building a new housing development found dinosaur fossils that are believed to belong to the Hypacrosaurus.
  • Gold: Not everything in the sewers is gross or useless! A water treatment facility in Nagano, Japan filtered out gold particles from the wastewater sludge. The value of the particles together totaled over $47,500!
  • Luxury watches: Valuable items somehow end up near drains and sewers. Again in the U.K., this time in Essex, a man found four extremely valuable watches in a drain near a railway station. The Omega watch, two Rolexes and a Frank Muller watch were worth over $79,000.
  • Goldfish: As a kid, you probably flushed a dead goldfish or two down the toilet and said your goodbyes. Well, there are also thriving communities of living goldfish in the sewers of Alberta, Canada, living and breeding amongst the waste.
  • A big mess: Finally, one of the strangest things found in the sewers was a 15-ton mass of congealed fat and baby wipes in the sewers of London. It was the size of a double-decker bus and was appropriately nicknamed “Fatberg” due to its size and ability to block the sewers. (There have been numerous “Fatbergs” found in the London sewer systems since.)

Evidently, there is an entire strange world living below us in the sewer systems, made up of animals, valuable items and sludge. Waste water transportation in Bethel, OH has a lot going on, quite literally beneath the surface.

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