How to Prevent a Frozen Septic System

Winter can be harsh in Ohio. If your property relies on septic parts in Bethel, OH for daily operations, it’s important to keep your septic system free of ice. A frozen septic system can prove disastrous. To avoid this costly situation, apply the following tips to the care of your septic parts in Bethel, OH.

Fix Small Issues

Do you have any dripping faucets or leaking toilets? These low-flow but continuous-use situations can cause pipes to freeze where they leave your foundation or basement wall. To prevent frozen septic parts in Bethel, OH, repair these issues right away. One call to a technician now to make a minor repair will be well worth the investment to save the time and money you would spend on a major septic repair.

Avoid Slumps

Over time, soil shifts and settles. This is inevitable and is often a benign issue. The problem occurs when soil settles around your septic tank and causes the pipe to slump. This often happens after construction, while the soil is still loose. Once the pipe slumps, water can collect here and freeze. This results in frozen septic parts in Bethel, OH. Keep an eye on your pipe and rebuild the ground around it if needed to keep the pipe from slumping.

Keep It Drained

Your drain field is an important septic part in Bethel, OH. Watch for constant soggy and wet conditions in the area above your system. If this land is not draining properly, it will be subject to freezing. Look at issues with landscaping and consider making adjustments to your drain field to keep it clear from potential freezes.

Invite the Snow

Did you know snow is a great insulator? Light, fluffy snow (as opposed to compacted snow or ice) forms a helpful layer of insulation to protect your septic parts in Bethel, OH from freezing. If you get a healthy snowfall, don’t worry about shoveling or plowing away the flakes. Allow them to provide free insulation to protect your septic system. Bare ground is the condition you have to be careful about to avoid a frozen septic system.

Make It Work

Don’t allow a septic system to go unused in cold weather. If a home is vacant for a week or more, you may suffer from frozen septic parts in Bethel, OH. By running the water occasionally, you will help prevent this issue. Daily use of a septic tank is best, since the water running through it holds a lot of heat. Consider a house sitter during your vacations and a realtor service for vacant homes on the market.

Call the Pros

If you experience any issues with frozen septic parts in Bethel, OH, contact the experts at Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. To prevent these issues, set up regular service that will properly maintain your septic system. With this regular service in place, you will be less likely to experience freezing or other issues. Call our experienced professionals with any questions or for additional tips on how to take proper care of your septic parts in Bethel, OH.

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