What Is Dewatering Service in Bethel, OH and Why Might You Need It?

Are you familiar with dewatering service in Bethel, OH? If you’re considering undertaking a project that requires excavation, this will be a necessary part of the process. Dewatering controls the groundwater in and around your excavation site, and it is essential for a successful excavation project.

Following is a quick overview to familiarize yourself with the dewatering process.

What is dewatering?

Dewatering allows excavations to be completed in dry conditions. It takes care of the groundwater that would otherwise interfere with the excavation process. Done properly, dewatering service in Bethel, OH is a seamless part of the excavation project. The goal of dewatering is to control groundwater, thus it is also often referred to as groundwater control.

Why would I need dewatering services in Bethel, OH?

Dewatering services in Bethel, OH may be necessary for several reasons. It might be needed to prevent the excavation area from flooding with groundwater that flows from the surrounding layers of soil and rock. Dewatering can also control pore water pressures in side slopes. This will increase slope stability, improve safety and reduce damages. You may also implement dewatering procedures to reduce pressures on the excavation floor. This reduces the risk of pipe failure. Additionally, dewatering reduces hydrostatic loads on structures used for excavation retaining.

What happens if I don’t use dewatering services in Bethel, OH?

If dewatering does not occur, or the process is not implemented well, the excavation site becomes unusable and unsafe. The excavation is not dried out and stable. As a result, the construction process is delayed, costs increase and damage or injury may occur due to the instability of the site.

What methods are used during dewatering service in Bethel, OH?

Several methods can be employed for dewatering services in Bethel, OH. Drainage channels can be used, which harness the power of gravity to dewater the excavation. Water pumping or siphoning is another common method. Large construction machinery can also be equipped with buckets to scoop water from the area and dump it elsewhere.

One of the most cost-effective and simplest methods for dewatering is trenchless technology. With the use of directional drilling, the dewatering process is completed with limited disturbance of the surface and little interruption to traffic.

What preparations should I make for dewatering services in Bethel, OH?

If you are planning an excavation project, it’s always helpful to check the topography of the land before you begin. Get a good idea of the runoff directions and what you can expect from the water table. For steeper sites, make sure you have good control of the land and use appropriate safety measures.

Who Should I Call for Dewatering Services in Bethel, OH?

The best preparation you can make for your dewatering services in Bethel, OH is to partner with an experienced company for your dewatering. You’ll enjoy a smoother, more efficient and cost-saving process. Before you begin your next dig, contact the experts at Gullett Sanitation Service Inc. We implement the latest technology and drilling techniques to ensure your project is a success. Reach out to us today with any additional questions!

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