Never Put These Things Down Your Drain

Drain and pipe clogs are annoying, and in time can create costly messes. Below are seven things your local septic service in Bethel, OH wants you to avoid putting down your drains:

  • Coffee grounds: Of all the things that can get rinsed down a drain, plumbers report coffee grounds being the most likely cause of clogs in kitchen sink pipes. The problem is perception. Most people look at coffee grounds and assume they are small enough to wash through piping without incident, when in reality they stay in pipes, creating a dam for other items to get caught on.
  • Cat litter: Just like many other products labeled “flushable,” allegedly flushable kitty litter isn’t actually an accurate description for this particular product. Cat litter labeled as being flushable can clog drains in septic systems, and the bacteria in cats’ feces is resistant to the chemicals typically used to treat water. If household water harbors bacteria and that water makes its way to the general water supply, it can be a threat to wildlife.
  • FOGs: These three letters stand for “fat, oils and grease,” all of which should never be poured or scraped into your drains. FOGs like cooking oils, bacon grease and meat fat together or individually act as a binder for other materials trying to make their way down the drain. In a short amount of time, thick, sticky blobs begin to coat the insides of pipes, so much so that nothing can pass through. FOGs are responsible for nearly 50 percent of all sewer overflows in the United States each year. With this in mind, place these substances in old jars, cans or other containers to cool, then place them in the trash.
  • Eggshells: Many people put eggshells down the drain and grind them up in the garbage disposal. True, the disposal grinds eggshells up into tiny pieces, but the bits that don’t wash all the way down the drain can get stuck in FOGs to create a clog. Instead of crunching eggshells down the drain, put them in the garbage can or use them in your garden.
  • Fruit and vegetable stickers: Here’s an interesting one. As harmless as those little produce stickers seem, they are notorious for causing big problems inside your home’s pipes. It’s mostly an adhesive issue—even the smallest amount of adhesive residue can be enough to leave them stuck to the insides of pipes.
  • Condoms: Do not flush your condoms. While this should be an obvious one, not everyone is cognizant of latex’s inability to biodegrade. As such, condoms do not dissolve in water. They will most likely get stuck in your plumbing pipes.
  • Feminine hygiene products: Avoid flushing all types of feminine care products down the toilet, even tampons. These products don’t dissolve in water, so they always have the potential to get stuck somewhere within your home’s plumbing system.

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