What Is Jet Aeration?

Jet aeration is a crucial part of the wastewater treatment and facility cleaning process in Bethel, OH. Oxygen is a necessary component in treating biological waste, but challenges arise in making sure that enough oxygen comes into contact with this sewage sludge and biosolids so that the desired reaction can begin. Jet aeration is the process of using high-powered streams of air to expose waste to oxygen—or clean the treatment facility.

How the wastewater treatment process works

Treating wastewater involves a multi-step process that removes water from solids, then treats the sludge or biomatter so that it can be incinerated, composted or used as fertilizer. First, the sewage is “dewatered,” which separates the water out so that it can be treated and recycled.

After the sewage is thickened and dewatered, what’s left is sludge—a mixture of fats, oils and other biomatter. The goal in this stage is to reduce the sludge volume, which can be accomplished in a few ways. Bacteria is allowed to digest the organic matter in the sludge, which is accomplished either anaerobically (without the help of oxygen) or aerobically (with the help of oxygen). That’s where jet aerators come in—they allow wastewater treatment facilities to expose the sludge to oxygen, which begins the biological digestion process.

Jet aerators can also help clean your wastewater facility, removing dirt, grit, rags and debris from your holding tanks.

What is a jet aerator and how does it help?

Jet aerators have three major components: an aeration manifold (which is a pipe or tank with several openings), recirculation pumps (which pull water from the tank) and blowers (which pull air from outside, pressurize it and send it through the double nozzles).

Jet aerators have a high-velocity nozzle that combines liquid and air. This process forms a high-powered stream of gas and liquid composed of microscopic bubbles. When the sewage sludge meets these streams, air is forced into the sludge so that the aerobic digestion process begins.

Most aerators at wastewater treatment facilities have “mixing patterns,” which are designed to keep the stream of air and liquid steady throughout the entirety of the tank. This helps avoid “dead zones,” or places where the jet aeration in Bethel, OH did not reach a part of the sludge, and makes a separate mixer unnecessary.

Thanks to the high velocity air and liquid stream, jet aerators are great for cleaning holding tanks, drains and more—it’s the wastewater equivalent of cleaning your keyboard with canned air.

Jet aeration services in Bethel, OH

Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. is proud to provide jet aeration services in Bethel, OH and the surrounding areas. We’re happy to come to you to perform routine cleanings on your holding tanks and equipment, as well as perform troubleshooting and repairs. If you’ve noticed slow draining, clogged fixtures or unpleasant odors, that’s a sure sign you need to stop what you’re doing and call our team. We service all sizes of tanks and systems. Get in touch with us today for a quote on our jet aeration services.

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