Signs Your Plumbing May Have Issues

On most days, the average homeowner doesn’t give much thought to the dozens and dozens of feet of pipes running behind their walls and under their floorboards. That’s understandable. Of course, anyone who has ever had to deal with a severe plumbing breakdown in their home understands that issues with their home’s plumbing aren’t something they want to leave until the last minute.

Not only can replacing your pipes be extremely costly (as much as $15,000 to replace the pipes in an average home), but a failed plumbing system is a stinky, messy predicament. If you’re concerned about the state of your home’s pipes, here are some telltale signs of bad plumbing in Bethel, OH.

Diminished water pressure

Nobody likes a shower with low water pressure. Of course, in some cases, the decline in water pressure is so gradual that a lot of homeowners may not notice until it’s a real problem. Low water pressure can be a sign of several issues, including a clog, improperly-sized pipes or a leak.

Noisy faucets

Ideally, when you turn on the faucet in your sink, the only sound you should hear is water rushing from the tap. If, however, you hear discomfiting noises coming from your pipes when you turn them on or turn them off, it could be a sign that you have air somewhere in your plumbing.

Stained walls

Another piece of evidence pointing to bad plumbing in Bethel, OH is a wall that’s showing yellowish-brown stains, like a coffee stain on a counter. This is an indication that you have a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing. Extensive water damage will even cause walls and ceilings in your home to dimple and crack after a long enough time.

Smelly drains

Are there strange, unpleasant smells coming from the drains in your home, no matter how much you clean? Typically, nasty odors coming from your kitchen drain alone indicate that you have scraps stuck in your U-bend. Smells coming from all of your home’s drains could mean a bigger problem, like damage to your sewer lines.

Slowly-draining sinks

If your bathroom or kitchen sinks or your tub are draining slowly, the natural thing to do is head to a local hardware store and grab some drain cleaner. If you’ve tried this tactic more than once, however, and you’re still having drainage issues, a pipe in your plumbing system could be seriously clogged.

Your trustworthy pros

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