How Does Dewatering Service Work in Ohio?

Dewatering services are essential for site preparation and the pre-construction process. Not only do dewatering services help keep sites safe for construction workers, but they are also essential to the integrity of any structures on the site, and they help minimize problems as construction projects progress. Lots of people are aware of the importance of dewatering services for site preparation, but how exactly does dewatering work in Ohio? Keep reading to find out more.

What is dewatering?

Dewatering is a site preparation process that’s used to remove water from a site. Sometimes, dewatering is used to lower an unusually high water table that has the potential to interfere with construction. In other cases, dewatering is done to remove water from especially wet soil to make the site more suitable for construction and development. Regardless of the specific application for dewatering in Ohio, the main purpose is to prepare a site for construction. Dewatering can be done through pumping, evaporation or other methods depending on the specific application and particular circumstances.

Why is dewatering so important?

There are a lot of important reasons for property owners to get dewatering services prior to a construction or development project. One of the main reasons why it’s so critical to arrange for dewatering in Ohio is because high water tables can interfere with construction. In most cases, excavation is necessary to prepare a site before a structure can be built. If the water table is very high on a site, that excavation might cause water to flood the work area.

Excessive water can be a major stumbling block for any construction project. If soil is flooded or saturated with water, it will be very difficult—if not impossible—to lay a solid foundation and create a strong structure for a new building or other development. Dewatering is an essential process to get rid of this excess water, remove moisture saturation from the soil, create site conditions that are safer for crews who are working and ensure a more stable foundation for construction and development.

Dewatering processes

There are a few different processes that can be used to dewater a site. In many cases, dewatering is achieved through the use of a gravity drain. During excavation or trenching, a team will dig channels to divert water away from the site naturally through gravitational pull. Another common method of dewatering is pumping. Pumping is performed by using heavy machinery that forcibly removes water from a certain region and deposits it in another area.

Dewatering in Ohio

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