What’s the Benefit of Using Vac Trucks?

If you need your septic tank emptied, expect a vac truck to show up at the scheduled time. Why is a vac truck important? Well, for starters, it’s really the only way to empty a septic tank! Getting effluent and dissolved solids out of a tank that’s buried under the earth takes powerful suction—the kind only a vac truck can provide. It’s the same for grease traps and even wastewater recycling on construction sites across Bethel, OH.

The benefits of a vac truck shouldn’t be downplayed just because it’s the primary mode of emptying a septic tank, however. There are more than few reasons this is the premier solution to septic emptying. Here’s a look at some of the most important benefits of a vac truck and why they’re so essential:

  • Powerful suction: As mentioned, the purpose of septic tank emptying is to remove hundreds of gallons of wastewater and partially dissolved solids from your septic tank… which is located underground. To extract all that takes powerful suction capabilities—the kind provided by a vac truck. Vac trucks have tremendous suction capabilities that make quick work of moving dozens of gallons per minute out of your tank and into the truck.
  • Controlled extraction: One of the most convenient aspects of vac trucks is their controlled extraction capabilities. The effluent goes from the tank, through the hose and into the truck, without any spillover or human interaction. Moreover, the entire process happens at a consistent speed, making it easy to estimate the time it takes to do the job and to estimate when the tank is at an appropriate level of remaining effluent.
  • Quick tank servicing: Imagine how long it would take to extract effluent from a tank in any other capacity, such as pumping it out by hand. Even with a whole crew, it could take hours to extract hundreds of gallons of effluent. Vac trucks cut this time down significantly—to between 20 to 40 minutes, on average. Once the vac truck starts doing its thing, it’s just a short time until the tank has been thoroughly serviced.
  • Less manpower needed: Speaking of manpower, it really only takes one person to operate a vac truck. Instead of turning your backyard into a well-staffed worksite, one person can drive the truck in, position it, uncap your tank, start the pumping process and put everything back together again when it’s done.

Why is a vac truck important? Not only does it cut down on time and effort, but it also ensures superior control over the septic pumping process. And, as an added convenience for the septic company, the pumped effluent can easily be emptied at a dump site.

There’s a reason vac trucks have become the standard for septic pumping in Bethel, OH. The quickness, convenience and safety of the process makes it an industry priority to use vac trucks over any other septic pumping methods. The next time your tank is due for pumping, don’t be surprised if a vac truck shows up—and be suspicious if your septic provider doesn’t use a vac truck!