How Often Is Storm Drain Cleaning Necessary?

You’ve likely noticed the storm drain in your Bethel, OH neighborhood. It’s a small opening covered by a grate, usually located at the bottom of a hill. Storm drains are where rainwater collects after a storm and are important for preventing flooding in your city. That being said, storm drains may end up sending contaminated water to local lakes and streams if not regularly maintained. This is why storm drain cleaning is important, but how often is it necessary to clean a storm drain?

Recommendations for Bethel, OH storm drain cleaning frequency can vary depending on who you ask, but it is best to clean them at least once a year. This will help ensure that your local storm drain works properly and keeps your area free from flooding and water contamination.

Why do storm drains need to be cleaned?

As mentioned above, a storm drain that isn’t cleaned every now and again could end up sending contaminated water to local waterways. This could cause damage to the ecosystem and make people sick.

Flooding in your neighborhood is never good. It can damage soil, local plants and even parts of your home. If storm drains are blocked, then pollutants from collected water could even end up seeping into your yard.

Additionally, if storm drains are clogged, rainwater may flow directly into a local lake, pond or stream. While this doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, water that has flowed through local streets has likely collected trash and other forms of debris that can pollute local waterways.

How is a storm drain cleaned?

There are many ways a company may choose to clean your local storm drain. Specialized tools are often used to remove any excess debris and other materials from storm drains. Manual removal of blockages can occur if the problem isn’t too severe.

Even if you’ve decided to have your Bethel, OH storm drain cleaned once a year, it is important to inspect it every few months just to make sure there aren’t any obvious blockages.

Who is responsible for having storm drains cleaned?

If you’ve noticed a storm drain in your area is clogged, it’s important to get in touch with whoever owns the property. They will be the ones responsible for having someone clean the storm drain. If you are a property owner yourself, then it’s a good idea to set up a regular cleaning schedule for your storm drains. Also, be sure to check any property before you buy to be sure there are storm drains in the proper areas.

These days, local water companies are usually responsible for keeping storm drains clean. Reaching out to the water company that services your property is the best way to have any blockages removed from the storm drains in your neighborhood.

Other sewage system maintenance

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