The Importance of Not Driving Over a Septic Tank

Your septic system is an important component of your home, and you should avoid damaging it at any cost. Damage to your septic tank could cause major problems for your home, including contaminated soil and damage to your house. This is why you should never take the risk of driving over your septic tank or parking on top of it.

Potential tank damage

Parking on or driving over a septic tank in Bethel, OH is one of the easiest ways to damage your system. Vehicles as small as riding lawnmowers could cause damage to your septic tank! Even if you are only parked there for a moment, your tank could suddenly collapse or crack, and the resulting damages to your home could require costly repairs.

While septic tank repairs can be done quite quickly and efficiently with the right Bethel, OH septic system service company, it might still take some time before repairs are complete. This will only lead to further damage in your soil.

Damaged septic systems could also lead to health problems for you and your family. Contaminated water and bacteria-ridden fumes are both risks that can occur when you have a damaged septic tank.

Avoid driving on drain fields as well

Septic tank drain fields are utilized by some septic systems and are where further decontamination of wastewater takes place. These fields can be quite large and take up a portion of your land. It’s best to avoid driving over these fields, as it could cause pipes below the ground to shatter.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you might crush the drain field completely by driving over it. This can result in highly expensive septic tank repairs and could cause major damage to your Bethel, OH property.

If you do have drain field problems, it’s important to diagnose them early. Strange noises coming from the drain field, as well as slow drain flow, could mean that there’s a clog in your system. There may also be spots of high moisture sprouting up in your drain field, even when it hasn’t been raining. This could be a sign that an underground pipe is leaking.

How to avoid driving over or parking on a septic tank

It’s easy to avoid driving over or parking on your septic tank system with the right precautions in place. One good idea is to properly mark off the area where your septic tank is located. You could do this by planting flags or another type of marker. You might even consider building a small fence around your septic system.

Septic tanks require proper care and maintenance. Even if you aren’t driving over your septic tank, you should avoid doing other things that can damage it. Disposing of grease down your drains and flushing certain materials can cause major damage to your system. Consider having a septic service professional come check out your system every once in a while.

If you do notice problems with your septic tank, call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. in Bethel, OH for a thorough inspection.