The Difference Between a Main Line and Drain Line

One of the most important components of your home is the system that carries wastewater away and out into the sewer system of a city. It is crucial to understand how this system works to be able to address any issues with it and find the right plumber. This is especially true regarding main drain lines and sewer lines since it’s easy to confuse the two. Keep reading this blog post by Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. located in Bethel, OH to know the difference between sewer and drain lines. 

Sewer Line Vs Drain Line

What is the difference between a drain line and a sewer line? Often, the words "sewer" and "drain" are used interchangeably, but they mean two completely different things. Drain lines are located inside buildings and serve only one building. It waters out of the building towards the city’s sewer system. 

There are various types of drain lines. You can find drain lines in your bathroom, kitchen, and even in your air conditioner. They all converge at a central drain line connected to a municipal wastewater system. Their primary purpose is to deposit wastewater into a city’s sewer system or reservoir. 

If you have an issue with any of your drain lines, you will most likely be able to use plumbing everywhere else in your house because drain lines are not connected. 

The main sewer line is the one that connects one building to the municipal system. It is located underground and connects your home to a septic tank. One of the common misconceptions about the main sewer line is that it carries away human waste only. However, the truth is that all the wastewater in your home, including the waste from a dishwasher, sinks, washer, and shower, is carried out to the main sewer line. 

There are several things you should know about your sewer line. First, you should know the exact location of the line cleanout because it will help a plumber to conduct an inspection. Also, you should always watch out for overflowing drains throughout your house because they indicate issues with the main line. 

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