October 27, 2017


"Visited the yard sale. Fantastic"
October 27, 2017

The expertise they offer is worth waiting for

"I have worked with Dan on his staff on several occasions, first when my parents bought a house with an aerobic septic system (neither they or I had previous experience with these systems). When Dan came out and inspected the system prior to purchasing the home he explained absolutely every part of the system, what to look out for, which repairs should be done ASAP and which could wait. Naturally, I did not hesitate to call Gullett again when I was looking at a house for my wife and I that had an aerobic system. They inspected it, told me what was wrong needing repair and even cleared out an obstruction of roots in one tank right there on the spot during the inspection. Dan and his staff are very busy, but the expertise they offer is worth waiting for if necessary."