How Your Septic System Benefits from Chlorine Tablets in Bethel, OH

If your home uses a septic system for waste evacuation, then you probably already know the importance of routine maintenance. A septic system that’s well taken care of will last just about as long as your house, whereas without proper maintenance, or if an accident damages part of the system, you can expect large costs for replacement. Hopefully by now you’ve consulted with a septic system professional in your area to learn more about basic maintenance practices. If not, it may be time to schedule an appointment.

Some aspects of maintaining your septic system are pretty obvious, while others can seem a little confusing to many people. One issue that often comes up when speaking with clients is chlorine tablets in Bethel, OH. If you have ever wondered what these are and why you should use them, read on for more information.

Some areas have local regulations dictating that wastewater and effluents must be sanitized prior to leaving the septic system. Even if your area does not have this type of regulation, sanitizing the wastewater prior to its leaving your septic system is still a good idea. The bacteria from non-treated effluent pose significant danger to humans. Treating the effluent almost completely reduces this possible threat, which is the principal reason for using chlorine tablets in Bethel, OH. Once placed inside of the septic tank, chlorine tablets will actually kill 99 percent of bacteria within about 10 minutes. After treatment, the wastewater can safely leave your septic system without endangering you or your family.

Chlorine tablets in Bethel, OH are specifically designed for septic system usage. In most cases the product can be found at any local hardware store, and will specifically mention on the packaging that it is meant to be used in a septic system. The tablets are also certified by the EPA to ensure they will properly treat the wastewater before it leaves your septic system. These types of chlorine tablets are actually composed of calcium hypochlorite. This distinction is very important—any other type of chlorine tablet not made solely for septic usage will often have other chemicals in them.

The most common other type of chlorine tablet you’re most likely to encounter at your local hardware store is for swimming pools. Under no circumstances should you attempt to use this type of tablet in your home septic system. For starters, it will not kill nearly as much bacteria, and more importantly, it can actually produce a chemical reaction that can lead to an explosion. For this reason, only buy chlorine tablets that are specifically made for septic systems.

Another option is to have a regular maintenance schedule with a septic system professional. As part of routine maintenance, they can insert the correct chlorine tablets into your septic tank, or demonstrate how its done so, in the future, you can perform the task yourself. Learning a few techniques, like how to properly treat your septic system’s wastewater, helps ensure a longer lasting and better functioning septic system. For any more questions about chlorine tablets, consider calling a professional today.

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