Five Signs You Need Septic Service in Bethel, OH

No one ever hopes for problems with their septic tank or pump. But when you start to experience problems with yours, it can snowball from a minor inconvenience into a big issue very quickly. Luckily for you, catching these problems early can save you a lot of time, money and stress, as can hiring a first-rate septic service in Bethel, OH. Here are five signs you should definitely watch out for when it comes to your septic tank. We hope this information is illuminating and helpful to all our valued customers and friends.

  • Pooling water: When water pools up around your septic drain, that’s usually a telltale sign that something is not right with your septic system. Pooling water likely means your tank is full or being stopped up by solid waste. This problem will usually present itself in your drain field, with pools of wastewater rising up above your grass. Fortunately, this problem is usually easy to handle as long as it’s caught early. Just call a septic service and tell them you need help with your septic drain and tank.
  • Bad smells: This one’s pretty self-explanatory. If you notice a foul odor in your backyard, that’s likely the result of all your wastewater from your sinks, showers and toilets combining to produce one horrible smell. This stench is probably a sign that the tank is getting too full of solid waste, and will need to be serviced soon. If that awful smell can’t motivate you to call your septic service in Bethel, OH, then nothing will.
  • Slow drains: Slow drains are often cause by clogged pipes, so try using Drano or another over-the-counter pipe cleaner to clear it out. If those don’t work, you likely have an overly full septic tank, especially if it’s been a while since the last time you had it looked at. To allow water to flow more freely through your septic system and help your drains and toilets empty more quickly, you’ll need to have your septic system serviced. Trained septic technicians will be able to pinpoint the exact problem.
  • Atypical grass: Typically, the grass growing above and near your septic drain should look and grow the same as the rest of your lawn. But if the grass in that area suddenly appears to be much greener and more healthy than the rest of your grass, that’s actually a problem. It could mean that too much liquid is rising up out of your septic system and onto the lawn, which means your septic tank needs to be serviced. In this case, healthy-looking grass is actually a bad thing.
  • Too much nitrate: Nitrate concentration is something you’ll only be able to detect through active testing, but it’s worth doing every now and then, as too much nitrate in your water is a common sign that your system needs to be checked. If your water is overly nitrated, call your local septic service.

For all your septic needs in Bethel, OH, call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. We’re looking forward to helping you!

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