All About Digester Tanks and Digester Cleaning in Bethel OH

Digesters and digester tanks are crucial parts of some sewer systems. But many people who rely on them every day might not know what they are, or that they even exist. Of course, if you’ve ever had to deal with a clogged or damaged digester, then you likely know what it is and how important it is. If you haven’t, then it’s best you do learn before you find yourself having to deal with an unexpected problem.

One of the best ways to take care of your digester is to trust a quality sanitation business with routine digester cleaning in Bethel, OH. As a business that has handled plenty of digester cleaning jobs in Bethel, OH, we know all about why digester cleaning is important and how it works. Here’s an overview to help you understand your digester.

What is a digester tank used for?

Digesters are actually used in a wide range of industries and for many different purposes. Essentially, a digester is a large container where different chemical and biological changes and reactions take place to solids or liquids.

For the purposes of sewer systems, digesters are used for treating sewer sludge, removing its toxicity and filtering out the harmful parts. Often, after a digester has taken the sludge out of wastewater, the remains will be used as fertilizer for farms. This circle of life is all made possible because of digesters.

Why does a digester tank need to be routinely cleaned?

If you’ve ever seen or experienced a clogged septic tank, then you probably have a pretty good idea of why a digester tank needs to be regularly cleaned. Over time, sludge that a digester filters out builds up on the sides of the digester, making it less effective, slowing down the entire sewage system and potentially causing permanent damage to the digester tank.

Fortunately, routine cleaning is an easy and affordable process. Make sure you take advantage of it regularly to avoid sludge buildup.

How does digester cleaning work?

When we get called for digester cleaning in Bethel, OH, we follow a routine set of operations. First, we’ll remove foreign materials such as hair or rags from the tank. Then, we’ll clean out the pipes connected to the digester. Next up is the heavy-duty removal of sludge and chemicals from the digester tank. We use powerful equipment and solutions for this, and we have to follow a strict set of safety guidelines, including wearing safety goggles and gloves.

Once we think we’re done, we’ll use equipment to test the cleanliness of your digester. If it doesn’t pass, that means we need to keep cleaning. If it does, we put everything back as it was and call it a day.

Who can I trust for digester cleaning in Bethel, OH?

If you’re looking for dependable, affordable and friendly service for digester cleaning in Bethel, OH, trust Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. Our high standards, years of experience and hardworking team will ensure your digester gets a good cleaning every time.


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