Call a Septic Service in Bethel, OH to Inspect Your Septic System

Many Americans have never lived in a home that did have city sewer service. If you have depended on municipal services for your whole life, a septic system may seem rather daunting. To many, septic systems have a negative connotation, as oftentimes they are associated with backups or sewage bubbling in the yard. But in actuality, a septic system can last for up to 30 years if it is built and maintained properly.

The first thing to do when considering purchasing a home that uses a septic system is to check with the county that issues the permits for septic systems in the area. Most counties will maintain the information and records about each system that has been installed with their boundaries. These records may include as-built diagrams detailing the location of the tank and plumbing lines, the installation date and a database of any cleanings. Most importantly, though, these records may serve as an indicator of potential issues you may encounter with your septic system.

Once you have checked any records the county may have, your next step is to contact a septic service in Bethel, OH to check the actual system itself. Here are a few things to look for when purchasing a home with a septic system to ensure you are getting a quality system that will last for years:

  • No dips in pipes. Once of the easiest way to tell if there is a potential issue is to look for any exterior indicators. For new systems, make sure there are no dips in the pipe running from the house to the tank. Low spots in sewer pipes can cause blockages to occur over time.
  • Check the tank. The tank itself should also be inspected for any cracks and leaks. Any pipes or wires that are penetrating the walls of the tank should be tightly sealed. Water splices in the tank should be in an airtight system to prevent any future corrosion or damage as a result.
  • Landscaping. During your inspection, ensure that there is no landscaping, including grass, above or in the direct vicinity of the drain field as the roots from the plants and the trees can actually clog the drains over time.
  • Protection. To ensure that no heavy vehicles are operated over the drain pipe or field, check that there is a fence or indicator around the system. Any extreme loads can put pressure on the pipes and cause damage to the septic system. This is especially important if you are building a new home or an addition, as many times construction companies are not on the lookout for the system when bringing in trucks and heavy materials.

It is important to remember that there are dangerous gases in most septic systems as a result of the natural treatment process. You should never go in to a tank. The safest and, oftentimes, the easiest option is to contact a trained professional at Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. to conduct an inspection of your septic system and provide quality septic service in Bethel, OH.

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