Anticipating the Holiday Strain on Your Septic System

When your house is built or remodeled, the septic system that it relies on is also taken into account. Based on how many people will be living there and the number of bathrooms and drains in use, a septic tank with the proper capacity will be installed or retrofitted. It’s simple math really: the capacity of your septic system needs to sustain the daily use it will see… or you’re bound to be in for some unsavory issues down the line.

Your home might be sitting on the proper sized septic tank for 10 months out of the year, but when Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, all bets are off. Why? Because with the droves of relatives, loved ones and friends that will be flocking into town and into your home, your septic system is going to experience an influx of use!

Stemming the tide

Now, you can’t tell people not to use your bathroom or stop multiple relatives from adding to your septic usage throughout the holiday season… so what can you do to mitigate the strain that extra users will undoubtedly have on your septic system?

For starters, the first and best line of defense is having your tank pumped before the season rings in. Having a septic service in Bethel, OH out to inspect the effluent levels in your tank and pump it if required will give your tank a better shot at handling the influx of matter that’s bound to come about as the result of parents, cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles staying at your home over the holiday!

Second, it’s a good idea to figure out some sort of shift schedule if you’re going to have extended visits. This means working out showering times that allow reprieve for the plumbing and the like, to make sure there’s not a constant influx of drainage for extended periods of time. This can be a delicate matter to bring up with your loved ones, so it’s best to try and work around their natural schedule to control the flow of drainage.

Finally, a complete septic inspection is never a bad idea this time of year. Having a professional come out and inspect your system from top to bottom is going to yield some insight as to what it can handle and what’s in danger of falling prey to incremental increases in use throughout the holiday season. Moreover, if a contractor does pinpoint certain areas of your system that require attention, you have a direct line to a septic service in Bethel, OH to get them promptly assessed and fixed.

Protecting your holidays

With so much going on during the holiday season, you can’t afford your home to be the site of a septic disaster! Give yourself peace of mind and ensure the festivities continue as planned by adhering to the tips above. You’ll put your septic system in a better position to handle the holiday overtime and ensure even the in-laws have a festive time this holiday season.

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