Restoring Your Drain Field with Aeration Service and Repair in Bethel, OH

When you flush your toilet, the last thing you want to think about is what happens after everything goes down—out of sight, out of mind is usually the preferred thinking in this situation! It’s only when there’s a problem with your septic system that you’re forced to consider what might be lurking down in the depths of your tank!

One undeniable problem that tends to cause panic and unease among homeowners is drainfield flooding. When effluent bubbles up to the surface of your drainfield, there’s not much that can be done in the way of ignoring things—it smells, it looks gross and it’s highly hazardous if you have small children or pets who enjoy your property! In these cases, calling for aeration service and repair in Bethel, OH is necessary.

What you might not realize, however, is that aeration service isn’t just reserved for dealing with a flooded drainfield—you can also seek out this service in a preventative capacity, to avoid the entire headache that comes with a flooded drainfield. Aeration can serve to solve a number of end-stage septic issues, including:

  • Compacted earth can cause improper draining of effluent at the end stage of septic processing. When the soil is compacted it can either a) force backups into the septic system itself or b) channel draining effluent into select channels, causing these channels to flood (eventually to the surface).
  • Pockets of air can exist within the soil, trapping effluent as it is released into the drainfield and preventing it from being fully absorbed by the soil. Aeration collapses these pockets to incite absorption.
  • Aeration ensures even distribution of effluent throughout the drainfield by creating pathways below the surface that are conducive to natural drainage channels.

The core premise behind aeration service and repair in Bethel, OH is breaking up biomaterials that can form as the result of solids building up in your drainfield. Sometimes, solid waste has the opportunity to escape the septic tank itself, travelling through the drainfield until it’s deposited like regular effluent flows.

The problem, however, is that solids don’t disperse the way liquid effluent does, which means over time biomaterials will build up and form a clog. Until this clog is broken up—via aeration—it’s going to continue creating problems for your drain field as a whole!

Restoring your drain field through aeration service and repair in Bethel, OH means not having to invest in a brand new drain field installation. Inherently, this means saving money, but there’s also a tremendous savings of time and effort that goes into aeration instead of replacement. Rather than digging up your property to lay new drain field lines or invasively removing biomaterials, aeration is a process that occurs quickly and without much interference with your property!

If you’re experiencing drain field issues and are worried that your field may be on the verge of failing, consult with the professionals at Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. about how you can restore form and function via aeration and drain field repair.

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