Are You Overdue for Septic Service in Bethel, OH? Check for Signs!

As a homeowner with a septic system, hopefully you know that you need to have your system pumped by a licensed professional once every few years. But did you also know that you should have a yearly inspection of your system? Before you have to place an emergency call because sewage is spewing out of your tank and into your lawn (or even your home!), schedule septic service in Bethel, OH if you notice any of the following signs.

Bad smells

The smell of a septic tank that needs to be serviced is unmistakable. It’s absolutely disgusting, and totally unbearable unless you have a stuffed up nose or some kind of problem smelling. The odor is often described as smelling like rotten eggs, but it’s actually the smell of methane gas.

If the smell is coming out of your drains or ventilation system, it’s a sign of a sewage blockage and you need to call for septic service in Bethel, OH immediately to avoid any long term issues. Bad smells are usually the precursor to back flowing effluent, which will pose its own biohazard situations.

Also, keep your nose at the ready for any foul smells in your back yard, which could signal a drainfield issue. Again, if your system needs to be pumped the drainfield will likely indicate it, as scum and other undiluted waste may have started to make its way through your system instead of staying in the tank.

Slow drains

A slowly draining sink, shower, or toilet isn’t something you generally need to worry about. That’s probably just caused by a clogged pipe. You might want to call a plumber if you’re concerned about it, though. However, if you notice multiple toilets, sinks, or showers slowly draining in your home you need to call for septic maintenance. This can be a surefire sign of a full septic tank that needs to be emptied as soon as possible.

You may also notice a gurgling sound while water is going down the drains. That sound can also be an indication of a full septic tank.

Damp areas

While walking around your lawn you may notice some damp areas in the grass, particularly around your septic tank’s drain field. Unless your area has experienced heavy rain, these damp areas could actually be sewage leaking out of your septic tank! You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that an overflowing septic tank requires a maintenance call.

Before you walk through the sewage, you may notice that the grass around the drain field is a bit greener than other parts of your yard. That’s caused by the leaking sewage providing excess nutrients to the grass. While that’s nice for your lawn, it’s not good for your home (or nose).

For the sake of your family and neighbors noses, get your septic tank serviced regularly! Call us today at 513-734-2227 to see how we can meet all of your needs for septic service in Bethel, OH.

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