Complete Septic Service in Bethel, OH Before the Holidays

Your septic system likely had quite the workout during the summer. Since fall and winter will likely bring its own challenges this year, you should consider scheduling septic service in Bethel, OH sooner rather than later. Making this effort will prevent future problems and reduce the chances of failure. Here is why you should call us for a septic service appointment today:

  • You are busy enough: Back to school quickly followed by the holidays makes for a busy schedule between late August and early January. Since you already have enough to manage, the last thing you need is your septic system failing to do its job. Schedule service for it now and avoid other time-consuming problems later. Besides, the last thing you want during that Halloween party or big holiday dinner is septic sewage coming up your pipes and greeting your guests.
  • Houseguests increase septic demands: You likely chose a septic system based on the normal circumstances of your household. If you have a home full of guests during the November and December holidays, that will increase demands and leave your system vulnerable. Keep your guests apprised of septic system best practices, but also arrange for an inspection to make sure your system is ready.
  • It may just be time for an inspection: You should arrange for an inspection and system pumping every three to five years. Even if you keep up with this course of action, there can still be wear and tear on your pump and tank—making replacement necessary. You do not want to risk waste water contamination when you have guests, or on a day where you have to pay extra for emergency holiday service. If you do not remember the last time you had your septic system pumped or inspected, arrange for it now.
  • A chance to address issues: If you spent all summer ignoring strange smells, gurgling, frequent backups or slow drains, do not leave them unaddressed through winter. These are all signs of imminent failure, and if that happens during a holiday get-together or bad weather day, you could be out of luck. Having these issues addressed now with no party or weather pressure is the best course of action. You may need major repairs or just a jet aeration cleaning. Whatever you do, do not leave these issues alone.
  • Get in one last waste water transport before it snows: Lagoons and leach fields work better for you when they are well managed. Before the weather starts, arrange for one last dewatering and waste water removal before the holidays. Our fleet of various trucks and trailers of different sizes can handle up to 6,000 gallons of waste water. Call us and we will be right there to take care of you.

Rest easy this holiday season knowing that your septic system is ready to take on anything, including houseguests and weather events. Call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. today for an appointment for septic service in Bethel, OH and the surrounding area.

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