Maintain Your Storm Drain to Prevent the Need for Dewatering Service in Bethel, OH

If you live in an urban area, you’ve seen storm drains on practically every street in the city and even in your neighborhood outside of your house. Storm drains work to get rid of excess ground water and rainwater that flows down streets. This excess water usually flows from the streets to a river or other body of water. However, if there’s a blockage in front of a storm drain, that water has nowhere to go and can start to cause flooding. If the blocked storm drain is outside of your house, you may need to pay for dewatering service in Bethel, OH to get rid of the water. Make your life a whole lot easier by maintaining your storm drain!

What is dewatering service?

Dewatering is the process of getting rid of water from your home or yard. It’s usually accomplished by hiring a company to use a sump pump to get water out from wherever it may be. Homeowners with septic tanks in their yards are more prone to needing a dewatering service, but folks with storm drains in front of their houses also need the service from time to time. City residents can prevent the need for dewatering service by maintaining their storm drain.

How can I prevent the need for a dewatering service?

To prevent the need for dewatering service in Bethel, OH, all you need to do is take care of your drain. This doesn’t mean that you need to care for your storm drain 24/7, but it’s definitely a good idea to keep an eye on it anytime you’re doing yard work or you know a big storm is about to hit your area. Here are some tips:

  • Clear debris from the area: The most common debris that can clog your storm drain is leaves, branches and even sediment from the ground. It’s not hard to pick up fallen sticks and leaves from the area around your storm drain. You can also help reduce the chances of a clogged storm drain by sweeping any excess sand or sediment from the ground away from your drain.
  • Prepare before a storm: Maintaining a clean area around your storm drain is important, but when a big storm is approaching, you need to go make sure nothing is around the storm drain that could prevent water from flowing down the sewer.
  • Call your city utility department if you notice flooding: Contact the water or utilities department in your town as soon as you notice any flooding around your storm drain. The city can’t monitor all the storm drains at once, so it’s up to the citizens to alert them of any flooding. Water and utilities officials will be able to put sand bags around the storm drains to prevent any further damage and keep your home and yard free from excess water.

It’s up to you to maintain your storm drain, but if you need dewatering service, don’t hesitate to call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. today to schedule a visit!

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