Drain Cleaning and Dewatering Service in Bethel, OH Are Necessary Services for Airports

Drainage is essential for any airport to function. Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. performs drain cleaning and dewatering service in Bethel, OH for airports in this region. Failure to keep runways and loading zones dry threatens efficiency and safety. Here are five effects when drainage and dewatering is lacking at the airport:

  • Impeded air traffic: Water accumulation on runways often closes them down. That prevents airplanes from taking off, while long lines form on unaffected runways. Since aircraft can hydroplane much like cars, excessive water on the runway is frequently not worth the risk. This also makes accommodating landings difficult, and aircraft may have to circle the airport until a runway is free. All this results in delays and inconvenience for passengers and stressful situations for employees.
  • Slower construction: Travel is more necessary and the construction industry benefits heavily from the air travel sector. New airports are designed and built, and current ones undergo expansion. Since many airports are located near waterways, that often results in precise engineering when considering dewatering and drainage. Dewatering is often necessary during construction to keep a site stable. Later, the same site needs drainage because of the effects of water accumulation on air traffic.
  • Erosion impacts: Stability is of the utmost importance. Measures must prevent runways from warping and cracking, since those are also threats to aircraft. Erosion also puts in slopes where they are not needed and can create potholes in runway and taxiing zones. Cleaning drains and controlling water prevents these impacts from erosion, or at least controls them well enough that damage can be prevented.
  • The threat of storm water: A sudden rainstorm or excessive snow can wreak havoc on airports. The first is often well managed with a good drainage system, and if you arrange to have us clear the drains, you will likely face few problems if a monster rain shower descends on your airport. Excess snowfall poses two challenges: the snow itself and the flood that results when it melts. Creating a storm water management system that includes good drainage will make these weather events easier to manage.
  • Sewage mismanagement: Airports create immense sewage. There are the people traveling in the airport and the handling of biohazard waste from the airplanes themselves. Toxic chemicals are also a fact in the aerospace industry, which requires a separate system for managing that waste, too. Many airports, including large international ones, contain their own septic systems rather than run on city water and sewage. Keeping these functioning well while assuring proper drainage prevents biohazard events.

Larger airports face greater impacts from these challenges if they are not properly managed. However, smaller airports are not immune to water and drainage issues. Floods, poor drainage and bad sewer management can turn any airport into a messy nightmare. The best way to keep these bad situations controlled is to arrange for regular drain cleaning and dewatering service.

Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. offers drain cleaning and dewatering service in Bethel, OH for airports and other large projects. Call us today so we can address your wastewater challenges.

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