Securing Contracts for Dewatering and Drain Cleaning in Clermont County, OH

Clermont County, OH frequently seeks bids for assistance with drain cleaning, dewatering and storm water management. Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. frequently reviews these requests and has even landed a few of these contracts for drain cleaning and dewatering service in Bethel, OH. This overview addresses the types of projects requested by the county and the system for submitting bids. While this is not the easiest work to secure, it expands possibilities and offers new challenges.

Types of projects

The county website lists requests for bids on all projects where they need private contractors. This can include water and sewage as well as building projects. Plumbing help is also in demand. Wastewater management, biosolid removal and drain cleaning arise rather frequently.

These can be independent efforts, but sometimes they work in conjunction with another project. Anything involving transportation, for example, often demands dewatering and drainage. Requests are often related to road construction, mass transit and bridge repair. Since the lack of water management can destroy progress on these efforts, it makes sense why the county demands a drainage expert on site.

With drain cleaning, the request involves city sewage and water systems. Very few county facilities involve septic systems unless they include state parks or remote highway maintenance locations. Services are in most demand in highly-populated areas because the impacts of backed-up drains or sewage mismanagement are more serious. However, if a location contains an antiquated system or recently suffered a flood that revealed problems, you may find bid requests wanting contractors who are willing to work in the middle of nowhere!

Bidding procedure

Clermont County posts its requests for bids on its website. Each request includes a deadline and instructions for securing the forms. Forms and instructions are available at the agency requesting the work. For example, a bid request for biosolid management arises from the Water Resources Department, and that is where you find forms and detailed instructions.

Generally, you will submit information about your company, the form of the contract and specifications about the services you provide. Once you submit your bid, there is frequently a hearing where each bid is read out loud.

You need to be detailed about your abilities, but also your costs. The county posts its allowed budget and you will need to quote a price that is lower than that amount. Itemizing costs in detail is more effective than generally stating a broad amount.

Some projects may require that you put down a bid bond, which amounts to five percent of your bid. This indicates your seriousness and provides insurance.

However, there are projects where the county reserves the right to reject all bids or hold bids for 60 days before awarding a contract. County work is not the way to go if you need money quickly or want the work guaranteed. Also, if the county recognizes a contractor because they worked with them before, the formalities may decrease and favor that service provider.

Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. provides drain cleaning and dewatering service in Bethel, OH and throughout Clermont County. Call us today if you require assistance.

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