Things Your Local Septic Service in Bethel, OH Thinks Should Never Go Down the Drain at Your Home

Between cooking, cleaning dishes and washing your hands, you will use your kitchen sink for various things throughout the day. Since you need your sink to get things done, you can’t afford to be having any issues with your plumbing. Unfortunately, if certain things find their way down your drain, you could find yourself needing a plumber to help get things back in good working order.

Here are a few things your local septic service in Bethel, OH recommends never putting down your drains at home:

  • Grease: A lot of the unhealthy foods that people cook tend to be greasy. This grease, although delicious, can cause problems for your home’s drains. Because grease can stick to the pipes and drains, whether it is poured down your kitchen sink or into your toilet, you can experience a blockage, as the grease will build up over time. To avoid a drain blockage caused by grease, consider dumping it into the trash instead.
  • Coffee grounds: After your morning cup of coffee, where do you dispose of the coffee grounds left in the bottom of your cup or inside your coffee maker? The appropriate place would be the garbage can, but a lot of people choose to let their coffee grounds be washed down their kitchen sinks. This is the last place your coffee grounds should go, because they too can cause a blockage in your drains and leave you with a plumbing issue at some point in time.
  • Seeds: Fruits and vegetables contain seeds, and these seeds are often rinsed down your sink rather than thrown in the garbage. Seeds are small, so you may think they can’t cause any damage or plumbing issues, but you would be wrong to assume this. Drains and pipes have a lot of curves and twists, and when seeds are traveling through them, they tend to get stuck in these curves. Letting these seeds escape down the drain will cause a blockage that might not be so easy to get cleared up.
  • Flour: When flour becomes wet, it basically becomes a glue-like substance. So, if you were to spill flour in your sink and decided to use water to rinse it away, the flour won’t dissolve—it will mix with the water and stick to the sides of your drains. This alone can cause a blockage, but this substance will also be catching and holding onto other foods that you let go down your drains, adding to the blockage and creating an annoying plumbing issue that could have been avoided.

Letting the wrong foods get into your drains often leads to a blockage. If things get too bad, you may not be able to use your sink at all, and this can be a huge inconvenience. It would be wise to be more mindful of what goes down your drain, or you’ll eventually have to call in a professional to help you get them cleared.

Do you need a septic service in Bethel, OH to help you solve problems with your drains? You can schedule an appointment with a professional from Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. today.

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