Here’s What Should Never Go Down Your Drain

Pouring or tossing things down the drain may come naturally to some folks. It can be an easy habit to fall into, especially if you’re working in the kitchen and don’t want to hassle with throwing food items in the garbage. After all, what’s the harm in tossing something down the drain? It’s just going down the pipes and into the sewer, right? Wrong! There are tons of things that should never go down your drain:

  • Eggshells: Making some delicious scrambled eggs is a great way to start the morning. However, you’ve got to be careful about what you do with the shells once you’ve cracked the eggs. Tossing the shells down the drain may not seem like a big deal, but that can lead to clogs down the road. If enough shells are trapped in your drain, they’ll eventually block water and other liquids from going down smoothly. Be sure to always use the trash can for your shells!
  • Grease: It can be very tempting to pour grease down the sink after you’ve finished cooking. After all, it’s a liquid! That’s a big mistake, though. Grease hardens once it cools down, and if it’s in your drain, it’ll cause a clog. Any oil should be disposed of in the trashcan, not down your drain. If you have a septic system, you need to be especially wary of pouring grease or oil down your drain. That can lead to serious long-term side effects. Call us for septic cleanup in Bethel, OH if you’ve been pouring grease down the sink—we can work to fix the issue at once!
  • Flour: Flour is so soft that it couldn’t possibly harm your drains, right? Think again! Flour sticks to the sides of your piping and eventually causes a blockage when it comes in contact with other items in your drain. Be sure to clean up excess flour on your kitchen counter and throw it in the trash.
  • Coffee grounds: Like flour, coffee grounds are small but mighty. Dumping your leftover grounds down the drain is a great way to wind up with a clog. Always throw the old grounds in the trash!
  • Medication: Dumping unused or expired medication down the drain may seem tempting. It’s a good way to get rid of old medication while ensuring nobody finds it in the trash and abuses it. However, dumping medication down the drain ensures that it gets back into our drinking water. Always take your unused meds back to the pharmacy, which has access to medical waste disposal units.

If you find that you’re in the habit of tossing anything and everything down the drain, it’s not too late to clean up your act! Start using the trash can more often and keep your drain clear of any of the products mentioned above. If you have a septic system and you’ve been throwing items down your drain for a while, give Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. a call for septic cleanup in Bethel, OH. We can clean out your septic system to ensure your drains and pipes are free and clear of any harmful debris.

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