Check Out This Bizarre Thing Found in a Sewer in North Carolina!

Is it an alien? Are giant monsters living in the sewers near Raleigh? Should you be grateful that your septic service in Bethel, OH is far from the systems of North Carolina?

Caught on video, pulsating sac-creatures are possibly the most bizarre thing ever found in a sewer. What are they? Could they be a previously undiscovered sewer creature? Could they be from outer space? Here’s the scoop.

Viral Video

A video of mysterious creatures in a North Carolina sewer had viewers speculating about their origins. Was it a hoax created with special effects? Were the creatures real and not of this world?

In the video, pulsating sacs clung to a sewer. When the light from a flashlight hit their surface, they recoiled. Based on the video view, these “monsters” appeared large, scary and of unknown origin.

Construction Crew Confession

As it turns out, a construction crew created the video. They were hired to inspect a private sewer system that was built in 1949. The footage is legitimate, but there is a logical explanation. The “monster” was a colony of worms. Biologists confirmed that this type of worm colony attaches itself to roots. Over the years, the pipes had weakened, and roots had found their way into the system. Without soil to latch onto, the worms coiled around each other.

As far as the light sensitivity of the “monster” is concerned, biologists explain that the light is very warm, and the worms logically move away from the heat. Regarding the size of the creatures, the construction crew admitted that they looked much larger on camera than they were in real life.

The Real Monsters

After hearing about this debunked creature, you may wonder what monsters might truly live in your sewer system. While some animals, such as rats and snakes, often make their way into large sewer systems, these aren’t typically the monsters you have to worry about.

The “monsters” that will harm your system are much more common. These include cigarette butts, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, hair, coffee grounds, paper towels and bandages. These items should never enter your septic system, as they can cause serious damage.

An excess of chlorine and other chemicals is also bad for your septic system. Additionally, a lot of dirt can also harm your system. Use these products sparingly, and dust a majority of dirt off of food and clothing before washing them.

If you suspect any of these real-life monsters has taken over your system, don’t hesitate to contact your septic service in Bethel, OH. It is important to remove these items as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

The Monster Pros

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