Do Creatures Really Live in Some Sewer Systems?

You’ve heard the rumors about alligators in the city sewer. You’ve seen rat-filled sewage pipes in movies. You might even worry that a snake will find its way from the sewer into your toilet. Are any of these urban legends true? Are there really any creatures down there? Your septic service in Bethel, OH is here to set the record straight.

The truth is, many types of creatures often make sewer systems their homes. However, you’re less likely to encounter them than the stories might make you believe. Following are the creatures that sewer workers are most likely to meet:

  • Rats: Yes, these rodents often live in sewer systems. Sewers provide an ideal combination of food, shelter and water for these animals. They are also attracted to the many things humans put down drains, such as food and fat. Keep these creatures in mind as you discard items. Don’t put things into your system that make sewers more attractive to rats. Consult with your septic service in Bethel, OH to learn what is appropriate to put down the drain.
  • Alligators: Rumors place these creatures in the sewers of New York City. While any reports of pet alligators grown big and wild in these sewers have been listed as urban myths, you might encounter an alligator a bit farther south. In Florida, alligators have actually been spotted crawling out of sewer pipes.
  • Eels: Yes, these creatures typically live in oceans and rivers, but they sometimes make their way into sewers by swimming into pipes. They can be attracted to the silt in the pipework, which is similar to the mud and sand they seek at the bottom of the bodies of water they typically call home.
  • Snakes: Some snakes are attracted to the sewer for the same reasons that rats make it home. However, it is unlikely a snake would find its way to your bathroom. Why would it go through the trouble of climbing up your toilet when its food and water sources are in the sewer system?
  • Frogs: As amphibians, frogs enjoy the wet surroundings of the sewer. While they are more likely to make a local pond their home, they have been found in city sewer systems.
  • Lizards: Similar to the alligator myth, “giant lizards in the sewer” has become a common claim. While most of this hype is based on myth, some lizards do make their way into sewers (but many of these are quite small).
  • Raccoons: These critters don’t live in the sewer, but they often make trips there in search of food. At times, they become stuck in drains or grates and are unable to make their way back out. As a result, they are sometimes found trapped in the sewer.

We’ll Make the Encounters

Are you concerned that creatures have made your sewer system their home? Your local septic service in Bethel, OH can help. The professionals at Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. can complete your inspections and maintenance and handle any creature encounters for you. Contact our team today to schedule your next service.

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