Storm Drain Safety Tips

You probably have several storm drains in your neighborhood. They are often built into curbs along roadsides, or can be located in lower parts of the road along the shoulder. These drains are important parts of the storm water sewer system that runs through your area—they carry the storm water out to lakes, rivers, streams and other natural bodies of water. For that very purpose, it is important we do everything we can to avoid letting harmful materials and chemicals fall down into them and run off into the environment.

It’s also important to realize that if we aren’t careful, there are some very real safety hazards that exist with storm drains. Here is some information from our septic service in Bethel, OH about some of these dangers and how you can mitigate them. It doesn’t take a lot of effort—some very simple habits and changes can prevent major accidents and can help promote a healthier ecosystem:

  • Keep children away from drains: Small children are often interested in storm drains, and may attempt to play near them or reach down into them. Make sure you keep an eye on children any time they’re in the area of a storm drain, and do not let them play in or near them—this will help you avoid any kind of accident that should be easily preventable.
  • Do not dump: Don’t dispose of any chemicals or other materials down the drain. These drains are only meant for storm water—they aren’t locations for you to freely dump whatever substances you want to get rid of. This is especially important for household chemicals, cleaning agents, paints or anything else that can be toxic. Only dispose of these items in approved disposal locations. And while you’re at it, don’t litter—this litter will find its way into storm drains and cause potential blockages.
  • Clean up after pets: You might not think your dog’s droppings will reach storm drains, but you’d be amazed at how far storm water can transport items. Pick up droppings whether they’re on your own property or elsewhere while you’re out on a walk.
  • Report suspicious odors: Have you noticed foul-smelling odors coming from storm water or from the storm drains? While there’s a chance it’s nothing, there’s also a chance it could be a sign of something toxic or even potentially flammable. Find the local authority that oversees your storm drains and make sure you report these smells if you come across them—it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  • Be careful with your car maintenance: Try not to do oil changes, wash your car or perform any other types of vehicle maintenance that could result in chemical runoff in public areas. This could result in that runoff flowing to the storm drains.

For more information about storm drain safety and what you can do to protect the environment, reach out to Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. today with any questions you have. Our septic service in Bethel, OH looks forward to assisting you soon!

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