How to Help Keep Storm Drains Clean

We rely on water to live, but a lot of people don’t pay much attention to the water cycle beyond what comes out of the tap. Understanding a little bit more about how our different sources of water and our water management systems work can help give you a better idea of how you can protect the water in your area against contamination from various sources. Read on for some tips from a local septic service in Bethel, OH.

Storm drain basics

To understand how you can keep storm drains clean, it’s important to understand how storm drains get contaminated in the first place and what that means for the environment. Storm drains are intended to collect stormwater runoff during heavy precipitation to prevent flooding and maintain the regular movement of water to streams, rivers and lakes.

Storm drain grates are intended to keep out large items and debris, but they are wide enough that a lot of leaves, branches and garbage can still get through if they end up in the street. When too much debris gets into a storm drain, it can cause major backups that lead to a lot of problems for city personnel and homeowners. Any trash or chemicals that end up in the storm drain will eventually flow into a body of water, and that contamination can lead to major health problems.

Here are some tips for protecting the storm drains near your property:

  • Secure garbage and recycling: Lots of people inadvertently let trash get into the storm drain when their waste bins fall over in heavy storms. Make sure that you keep your trash and recycling bins tightly secured with lids. If it’s an especially windy storm, you should keep your bins inside your garage until the storm passes.
  • Be careful with fertilizer, pesticides and other chemicals: You might be planning some spring gardening projects, but you should be careful with the chemicals you use for your yard and garden. Avoid using harsh chemical fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers and other products that could be washed into storm drains during storms.
  • Dispose of yard debris properly: Instead of raking leaves onto the street or leaving grass clippings lying around, make sure to clean up your yard debris and dispose of it properly. If you have a green waste bin, you can use it to collect your yard debris. Otherwise, you can find out whether there are any local places to dispose of green waste or call your municipality request green waste disposal services.

Call for septic service in Bethel, OH

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