What to Do if You Drop Your Keys in a Storm Drain

Your keys are one of your most important possessions, but they’re also probably one of the possessions that you misplace most often. Keys are generally small and it can be easy to forget where you left them from one moment to the next. In addition to how easy it is to lose your keys, it’s also easy to drop your keys. If you have the unfortunate experience of dropping your keys in a storm drain, it’s important that you know what to do to ensure that you can get your keys back safely.

How often do people drop keys in storm drains?

While you might feel a little bit embarrassed when you drop your keys into a storm drain, the reality is that this happens a lot more often than you think. When professionals conduct storm drain maintenance and septic cleanup in Bethel, OH, there are typically a lot of personal items that are found, including car keys, cell phones, wallets and more. By the time these possessions are retrieved, it’s often too late to find the owners and the items have been damaged beyond repair. However, some people contact their sewer department directly and they can successfully retrieve their items. Depending on what was lost and the workload of the sewer department, they might not be able to respond immediately, but there are some cases in which they can respond to the report and retrieve the item successfully.

One of the most important factors that determines whether you will be able to get your keys back after dropping them into a storm drain is what the weather is like. During wet, rainy weather, storm drains are typically flowing with water at a relatively rapid rate, and your keys will likely be swept away before you can even attempt to retrieve them. However, if it’s dry, there’s a much greater chance that you can get your keys back.

How to retrieve your keys

If you drop your keys in the storm drain and you want to get them back, you should reach out to your local sewer department right away. The sewer department wants to help people retrieve their personal possessions because it helps them prevent blockages in the system and keep things moving the way they should. They will be able to determine whether your item can be retrieved, and they have the equipment necessary to get your keys back for you. To avoid dropping your keys into a storm drain in the first place, try using a bigger lanyard or keychain that won’t fall through the grates as easily.

Septic cleanup in Bethel, OH

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