What Is Sewer Gas?

If you smell something noxious in your home and it’s not because you haven’t taken out the trash recently, it could be sewer gas. Not only does sewer gas smell bad, it can also be extremely dangerous to your health and home. Sewer gas contains large amounts of methane and bacteria. The methane can cause headaches and, in large enough amounts, can explode from a spark. The bacteria from sewer gas can contain microbes that cause infections and illnesses. If you’re smelling something foul in your home, you may want to call a septic service in Bethel, OH.

How to tell if it’s sewer gas

The smell of sewer gas is unique. If you’ve never smelled sewer gas before, it may not be easy to tell what the smell is. The smell is sulfuric and normally will remind you of rotten eggs, while natural gas will smell more like a skunk. While sewer gas may not be dangerous in very small quantities, too much of it can present a major problem. If you’re struggling to tell what the smell is, a simple solution may be to call a septic service in Bethel, OH to help. They can help determine what the smell is and help to better pinpoint how to fix it.


In most residential buildings, the smell will concentrate in low levels. It’s usually caused by some sort of plumbing problem. When everything’s working well, the sewer gas travels through vents up and out of the home with no smell. In some cases, the smell is coming into the home because of a blocked, broken or cracked pipe. To find the location of the problem, you’ll want to follow the smell. Usually the location of the problem is where the smell will be the strongest. The problem, of course, is that it’s dangerous to breathe in too much of the sewer gas. An experienced septic service in Bethel, OH can determine where the smell is coming from and exactly what the issue is.


Gases can be very dangerous, especially in large amounts. This is true for sewer gases as well. While it’s usually not necessary to evacuate the home, the presence of sewer gas is still something to attend to right away. You’ll want to call a respected septic service in Bethel, OH to fix the issue as soon as possible. High concentration of sewer gas can lead to explosions and health problems. If you’re feeling dizzy or nauseated, the concentration of sewer gas is dangerously high. Eye and nose irritation can occur with smaller amounts of sewer gas.

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