What Are the Classic Signs of a Failing Septic Tank?

No one wants to deal with a failing septic tank. Whether it’s your home or business, a septic tank issue can throw a wrench in your day, leading to your needing emergency septic services in Bethel, OH just to keep business running or your family happy and healthy. Look for these signs that your septic tank may be failing and get the issues dealt with right away so you can avoid an unpleasant emergency:

  • Drains are slow: If your bathtub, sink, shower or other drains are draining slowly, this could mean there’s an issue with your septic tank, and you’ll want to call for septic service in Bethel, OH. You may want to check the drains themselves first, as hair or other clogs could cause a similar issue. However, if the drain appears to be clear, it’s a definite sign that your septic tank is experiencing problems.
  • Gurgling: Gurgling in the plumbing could indicate a septic tank failing. While it may just be a clogged drain, you may want to investigate further if a clog doesn’t seem to be the issue. You should be getting routine maintenance on your tank, so mention any strange sounds to the professional who comes out to help.
  • Standing water or spongy lush grass: You’ll want to periodically check the ground above the septic tank or drain field to investigate for anything unusual. Standing water, damp spots or lush, bright green grass even during dry seasons could indicate that your septic tank is failing, and thus leading to leaks and water where there shouldn’t be.
  • Drain backups: You might first notice an issue with your septic tank and call for septic services in Bethel, OH if there is water or sewage backing up from your drains, sinks or even your toilets. This could be your last warning sign that there’s a major issue, and it’s best to call for help immediately to avoid an even bigger disaster.
  • Bad odors: Odors coming from the drains or present in the vicinity the septic tank or drain field could also indicate an issue. A failed or malfunctioning system could lead to dangerous and costly problems. No matter how new your septic system is, it does need routine maintenance, and you need to be alert to possible malfunctions, so even a bad odor should be checked out by a professional.
  • Nitrates: If you have a water well, you should periodically measure for coliform bacteria and nitrates, as unusually high levels of either could indicate a septic tank failure. You certainly don’t want to be drinking possibly untreated water.

Routine maintenance can prevent a failure, and certainly if you’re noticing any of the above danger signs, you’ll want to call a professional for septic service in Bethel, OH. Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. is happy to provide outstanding services that address these hazardous issues and resolve them quickly and effectively. Put your system into the hands of trained and certified professionals at the first sign of a septic system issue by giving us a call today!

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