Are Flushable Wipes Worth the Septic Risk?

Those who have ever had issues with their septic tank know that a septic emergency throws a huge wrench in their day. There are many things that can cause septic tank issues and can lead to needing emergency septic cleanup in Bethel, OH, and one of those is flushing things down the drains that are not meant to be there. You may have seen advertisements for “flushable” wipes that increase the feeling of cleanliness, but are they safe for those who use a septic tank? Keep reading to find out if these flushable wipes are worth the risk of septic tank issues.

Are flushable wipes truly flushable?

Wipes advertised as being flushable couldn’t say they’re flushable if they weren’t, right? The answer varies, but it’s not necessarily true that flushable wipes won’t clog pipes and cause septic tank issues. While these wipes offer a better cleaning experience than traditional toilet paper, that clean feeling may not be worth much if the septic system in your home starts backing up and clogging. These products are supposed to break down like toilet paper, but the problem is, they don’t break down anywhere near as quickly as toilet paper, leading to clogged sewers and septic system issues that result in necessary septic cleanup in Bethel, OH.

So-called “septic-safe” wipes

Some wipes are even advertised as being “septic safe,” or that they break down exactly like toilet paper or are “safe for sewer and septic.” Can you trust these claims? According to the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, they’ve spent over $1 million to install grinders in the sewage system that will shred wipes and other debris to avoid clogging treatment plant pumps. This is due to clogged sewer systems becoming a major problem, largely the result of the popularity and misuse of “flushable” wipes.

The issue is compounded when it comes to septic systems. Most municipalities advise that homeowners should think twice before believing the marketing that states these wipes are safe for septic tanks. Manufacturers of these products are not conducting adequate disintegration tests for these wipes that mimic real conditions in sewer systems, resulting in insufficient evidence that these wipes are safe for septic and sewer systems. They may disintegrate, but they don’t do so at the same rate as toilet paper, resulting in clogs, backups and other septic tank issues. Issues in sewage systems and septic tanks across the country have reinforced this theory.

Due to the mounting evidence to the contrary, we can confidently say that flushing these wipes is not worth the risk to your septic tank. However, if you find yourself in need of septic cleanup in Bethel, OH for any reason, call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. We have been proudly serving residential and commercial customers since 1942 and are your source for any and all wastewater services, from dewatering of sludge and slurries to service and repairs on residential septic systems. Our service is fast, friendly and reliable, and we use only top name brands and quality products for our repairs and maintenance. Give us a call today!

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