Tips for Properly Disposing of Cooking Grease

When you’re cooking, you’re almost always dealing with some sort of grease. After all, you don’t want the food to stick to your pan or baking dish, right? And if you’re cooking bacon or another food that renders a lot of grease, you might be tempted to pour it down your drain. What’s the worst that can happen?

Well, clogged drains and sewage problems across the neighborhood, for one thing! It’s also bad for the environment, and although it’s little known, cooking grease is actually a resource you can use several times over. Here’s what you can do to make sure that your cooking oil usage and grease disposal in Bethel, OH is friendly to both your drains and the environment:

  • Cool it and toss it: When you have used cooking grease, try to drain it into a can or other container that can hold it at a variety of temperatures. (Bonus points if it has a lid.) If the grease doesn’t solidify at room temperature, just stick it in the fridge. After it hardens, you can toss it into the trash can. If there’s an oil recycling facility in your area, that might also be an option. But no matter what, please don’t just flush it down the drain. Your one-time drainage could be the clog that disrupts your neighborhood.
  • Reuse it for cooking: Generally, you can use most oil (especially deep-frying oil) several times. As long as you know what you used your cooking oil for, you can repurpose it in other culinary endeavors—after all, who wouldn’t want hash browns fried in some delicious bacon oil? Depending on your or your loved ones’ allergies, however, you’ll need to keep careful track of what you fried, and in what kind of oil. (Don’t give your allergic friends pancakes that you cooked in peanut oil, for example.)
  • Compost it: There is a chance you can compost your oil, but you’ll need to observe your city’s best practices. This is a great option for both you and the environment, but please be aware that your oily compost might attract critters. It makes great food for earthworms, but the specific needs of your local compost center may be different. Additionally, if you have too much fat in your compost, it may form hydrophobic barriers, which prevent growth.

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Grease disposal in Bethel, OH

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