What Is Sewage Sludge in Bethel, OH, and How Do I Dispose of It?

Sewage sludge—ew! It sounds pretty gross and like something to be avoided at all costs. No one could blame you if you hadn’t come across and researched the term—but if you’re a home or business owner, it could be useful for you to get at least somewhat familiar with the topic.

Picture everything that goes down your drain: human waste, grease, oil and a whole host of other substances. This might also be referred to as “biosolids.” When grease meets solid waste, sludge can form. “Sludge” basically refers to settable solids in a quantity of liquid.

Treatment methods for sewage sludge vary. Some methods will thicken sewage sludge by a variety of techniques. There are gravity thickeners that remove the water from the liquid sewage, and reduce its total volume.

There is also a digestion technique, in which natural forces are allowed to consume the bio matter present in the sewage sludge. After the water is removed, the substances are heated and mixed into a tank for days at a time. At the end, the matter produces useful gases or other substances that can be recycled.

When sludge goes to treatment plants, it will probably undergo incineration or be treated using drying beds. Drying beds remove the excess water from solid matter so that all of the solids remain. Once the solid material is dried, this allows the removal of useful materials like phosphorus and other minerals. Incineration allows the dried and drained matter to be set aflame, thus reducing its physical footprint.

In general, when you’re using a great deal of cooking oil, you should try to put your used oil into containers with lids, and then throw them out. Although it can be difficult to stay on top of this, there are many available methods to help cut down on your cooking oil usage and do the best you can to protect the environment. When you pour cooking oil down the drain, especially in the colder months, you’re risking a major sewer backup that could disrupt your life.

Sewage sludge doesn’t have to be a problem. When you collect your cooking oil and grease and dispose of it properly, you could be contributing to alternative power sources, as well as keeping the earth clean for future generations! Not only that, but it will help preserve your and your family’s sewage system for years to come.

Learn how to dispose of sewage sludge in Bethel, OH

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