Tips for Removing Grease from Your Sink Drain

Grease, oil and fat from cooking can cause serious damage when they’re poured down the drain. These substances can accumulate in plumbing systems and collect other debris, creating major obstructions that can be very difficult to access without professional plumbing tools. However, there are some simple steps for DIY grease removal from sinks in Bethel, OH that can be used to remove obstructions and get plumbing systems back into good working order.

How to prevent grease clogs

While clearing grease from drains in Bethel, OH is possible, preventative maintenance and drain care can save you the hassle and cost of drain cleaning down the road. The best way to prevent drain issues caused by grease buildup is to avoid pouring any grease, oil and fat down the drain in the first place. Even if oil or grease is in liquid form when it goes down the drain, it will eventually solidify and create an obstruction in your plumbing system. Other debris that passes through your pipes attach to deposits of oil and grease, causing even bigger clogs to develop.

To reduce the risk of grease clogs, it’s important to avoid pouring any grease down the drain. After you finish cooking with oil or fat, pour grease into a container and allow it to cool before throwing the container into the trash. Investing in professional grease disposal service is another effective option for getting rid of cooking oils and fat.

Clearing grease obstructions

These methods of DIY grease removal from sinks in Bethel, OH may be worth considering to get rid of clogs:

  • Caustic cleaners: Caustic cleaners are designed to combat tough obstructions and clogs in your plumbing system. These concentrated cleaners contain chemicals that break down tough grease deposits to clear clogs. Pour the recommended amount of cleaner down the drain and leave it to sit for several minutes before flushing the drain with warm water.
  • DIY grease cleaners: Try making your own grease cleaner using hot water and vinegar. Hot water melts oils and fats that have solidified and accumulated in your plumbing system, and vinegar cuts through oily substances. Combine hot water and vinegar and pour the mixture down your drain. After a few minutes, pour additional hot water down the drain to flush the mixture.
  • Plumbing snakes: Plumbing snakes can effectively remove clogs near your drain. These tools attach to clogs and release them from plumbing systems. However, they typically can’t be used to clear away clogs that are located deep within the pipes.

Professional drain cleaning services

Get help clearing grease from drains in Bethel, OH by reaching out to the team at Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. We’ve been providing septic and dewatering services to our customers for decades, and we continue to offer top-quality service every time. Regardless of the extent of the grease obstruction in your plumbing system, our team is equipped with the tools and experience necessary to effectively handle grease removal. We can provide jet aeration and system maintenance to improve the efficiency, performance and longevity of your system. Schedule an appointment by giving us a call today!

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