Can Hair Cause Blockages in a Septic Tank in Bethel, OH?

Well-maintained septic systems will deliver reliable operation for decades, but they are vulnerable to damage from all kinds of different things, including debris going down the drains. Many people who have septic systems attempt to prevent blockages by refraining from pouring grease down the drain or flushing cotton products, but there are some types of debris that are more challenging to keep out of any type of plumbing system, including hair. Read on to find out more about the problems caused by hair blockages in septic tanks in Bethel, OH.

Why are hair blockages such a big deal?

Hair seems like it would be a relatively insignificant type of debris, but the reality is that it can actually cause serious damage in a septic system. A single strand of hair is unlikely to cause any problems, but hair going down the drain can lead to clogs and obstructions over time. Hair gets tangled up in plumbing systems and attaches to greasy buildups in pipes. These obstructions are especially common in bathroom sinks, tubs and showers, where hair is more likely to go down the drain.

Dealing with hair clogs

To prevent hair blockages in septic tanks in Bethel, OH, take precautions to protect your drains. Use drain stoppers to prevent hair from entering your plumbing system. Install stoppers in all of your bathroom sinks and in your tub and shower drains. Make sure to use stoppers that are specifically designed to catch hair. Clean out these stoppers regularly to keep your drains flowing properly.

When a hair clog develops in your drains, there are a few ways to address the issue:

  • Try clearing the clog yourself: Attempt to clear the clog using a drain snake. These tools are useful for clogs that are located in plumbing systems near the drain, where they are more easily accessible. However, drain snakes aren’t useful for clogs that are located deeper within your plumbing system.
  • Use commercial drain cleaners: Commercial drain cleaners employ harsh chemicals to break down clogs and get water flowing through your system again. However, these cleaners should be used sparingly. Using these cleaners too frequently can damage your pipes, and they aren’t always effective at clearing away hair clogs and other tough obstructions.
  • Get professional help: The most effective and safest way to deal with a drain clog is to hire a professional for drain cleaning service. Professionals have access to equipment that can address clogs, no matter where they are located in a plumbing or septic system. Regardless of the size of the clog, its location or what kinds of debris are blocking your system, a professional can clear the obstruction and get your system running effectively again.

Hair blockages in septic tanks in Bethel, OH

If you’re dealing with hair blockages in septic tanks in Bethel, OH, contact Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. Ever since we opened for business in 1942, we have been known for providing our customers with premier septic maintenance and repairs. We use powerful jet aeration equipment to clear obstructions in plumbing systems, no matter where they may be located. Call today to request a service quote and schedule an appointment!

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