Three Reasons Not to Use Septic System Tank Additives

More often than not, owning a septic system is not all that different from being connected to your city’s main utility line. You flush your toilet, waste disappears and you go on with your day. To keep a septic system up and running at peak efficiency, however, every once in a while, you have to have the tank pumped and cleaned. When that happens, the service itself can seem a bit pricy. A lot of homeowners even get a touch of sticker shock when thinking about the costs of a septic system cleanout.

Enter septic system additives. These chemical additions to your septic tank promise to break down your family’s solid waste and reduce the number of annual visits you need to keep your septic tank operating perfectly. Don’t fall into that trap.

Are septic tank additives safe in Bethel, OH? Here are some compelling reasons to avoid them.

Save money on septic tanks

Chemical additives to your septic tank may promise that they won’t pose any harm to your septic system, but that’s mostly untrue. A lot of the chemicals in septic tank additives are highly corrosive. They have to be to break down your family’s solid waste. These harsh chemicals don’t show favoritism, either. They will eat away at your septic system’s pipes and the tank itself, dramatically shortening their lifespan and requiring costly repairs sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

In short, getting routine maintenance may turn out to be cheaper than relying on chemical additives in the long term.

Keep your soil pristine

Are septic tank additives in Bethel, OH safe? Ask your lawn. A lot of times, the chemicals in your septic additives won’t break down completely. In addition, they won’t stay put in your septic tank. When that happens, these toxic chemicals can find their way through your septic tank’s pipes and into your drainage field. When that happens, those chemicals can kill the grass—and any life living in the ground.

Maintain a strong ecosystem

The world inside your septic system is more complicated than you might realize. In addition to the various mechanical components that keep it running, your septic system relies on good bacteria to keep the right balance inside the tank itself. When you add harmful chemical additives to your septic tank, there’s a good possibility that the beneficial bacteria in your septic tank will be killed off as your solid waste is being broken down.

Let us take the pain out of your septic tank

Don’t believe the hype. There’s no substitute for routine preventative maintenance. Do you have any more questions about whether septic tank additives work in Bethel, OH? If so, come to Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. We have more than half a century of experience providing reliable septic system installation and repair to people throughout the state.

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