What You Should Know About High-Pressure Water Jetting

High-pressure water jetting is also occasionally referred to as hydrojetting or high-pressure pipe cleaning. This is a process in which technicians in Bethel, OH clear out blockages in drains and various pipe systems.

In this process, water gets sent through the blocked-off pipes at very high pressures, which helps to remove solids and residue to ensure a thorough cleaning. When performed properly and at regular intervals by reliable technicians and companies, this can produce results that last and help to prevent future issues from occurring.

An overview of the process

How exactly does the hydrojetting process work?

Companies that do high-pressure water jetting require some highly specialized equipment to be able to produce the jets of water at the pressures necessary to clean the insides of the plumbing and drainage systems. This equipment will include a heavy-duty hose with a nozzle, a water tank, a pump and a motor. The pump gets connected to the tank and the motor, the hose gets attached to the pump and the nozzle goes on the end of the hose.

The nozzle design here is critical. There must be tiny openings pointing both forward and backward to generate the kind of pressure necessary, in the direction the water needs to flow. When water is forced through those tiny holes with the pump, the nozzle and hose shoots it through the drain or sewer line in a focused, pressurized blast that is capable of breaking up the debris that it encounters. You’ll find different types of nozzles which can handle different types of debris, and even tree roots.

The actual process of jetting is simple. The technician will lower the hose into place in the drain, turn on the motor to pressurize the water and start the flow, and then allow the hose and nozzle assembly to break up the solids as the water passes through the line.

Why this is an important element of plumbing maintenance

Water jetting is a highly beneficial drain cleaning solution that comes with several competitive advantages over other forms of drain and sewer cleaning:

  • Environmentally friendly: With this approach, you only need water to complete the process of clearing the drains, no chemicals. While the pump might be run on fossil fuels, you can at least be certain you’re not putting any caustic or harmful chemicals into the water supply. Plus, the total amount of water required to flush out the pipes is relatively low.
  • Cost effective: High-pressure water jetting is very thorough. You’ll be able to clear the blockage in a single session, and won’t have to pay for multiple (expensive) chemical treatments to get the job done.
  • Versatility: Water jetting is a highly versatile process. You can easily customize the equipment you use to the type of blockage you’re experiencing. It can be used either for routine cleanings or for emergency situations.

Simply put, high-pressure water jetting is a highly effective and thorough solution to blockages. For more information about sewer system maintenance in Bethel, OH, contact the team at Gullett Sanitation Services Inc.