How to Keep Your Septic System Healthy

Whether you’re new to septic system ownership or just want to improve your existing septic maintenance routine, there’s always plenty to learn. Healthy septic systems in Bethel, OH are an environmentally friendly way of treating wastewater and disposing of waste. However, this requires proper maintenance, good waste management and regular pumping. Here’s how to keep your septic system healthy and functioning flawlessly:

  • Remember to pump your tank regularly: Your septic tank has to be pumped to remove the solid waste, sludge, fats, oils and grease that remain in the tank. While the wastewater drains out into the drain field, any solids that aren’t broken down remain in the tank. You usually need to do this every three to five years. Keep detailed records and set a calendar reminder so you’re never caught by surprise.
  • Know what not to flush: There are myriad things you should not flush or send down your drains. Fats, cooking oil, grease, cat litter, baby wipes, menstrual products and more will not break down in your septic tank—in fact, they may clog the pipes before they ever reach the tank at all. Harsh chemicals can also disrupt the delicate ecosystem in the tank. As a general rule, flush only used water, human waste and toilet paper.
  • Conserve water: Any water your household uses has to go through the septic tank. If you’re doing six loads of laundry and everyone is taking 30-minute showers, your tank will quickly fill up. The water has to slowly leach out into the drain field so it can be treated. Too much water will cause the tank or the drain field to overflow.
  • Use efficient appliances: One of the best ways to conserve water is to use efficient appliances whenever possible. Modern dishwashers, toilets and washing machines are designed to use as little water as necessary—and they should save you money on your energy bill, too. Consider adding low-flow nozzles and showerheads to your faucets, as well. Some models pressurize the water so it feels like you’re getting plenty of water even though you use less of it.
  • Keep your rain gutters away from the drain field: Rain gutters are designed to divert water away from your home’s walls and foundation—but they shouldn’t divert that water into your drain field. This can interfere with your septic system, leaving pools of dirty water standing in the drain field.
  • Choose water treatment systems wisely: If you have a water treatment system, keep in mind that it can release hundreds of gallons of salty wastewater into your septic tank. Ask your septic contractor about ways to divert that water elsewhere, so the helpful bacteria in your tank and in the drain field can do their job.

Following these septic system tips in Bethel, OH will help you keep your septic system functional and in great working order. If you have problems with your septic system, however, be sure to call Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. for assistance. With nearly 80 years of industry experience, we’re ready to help you care for your system!