Benefits of Water Jet Cleaning

Having clogged pipes can be more than a minor annoyance. The healthy function of your home’s plumbing is dependent on the ability of water to flow freely through your pipes. A clogged pipe left unchecked could become a larger problem.

While there are certain steps you can take yourself to fix an obstructed pipe, like using chemical solutions or a pipe snake, these aren’t ideal remedies and may end up creating other issues. But water jetting (or hydro jetting) is a process that uses pressurized water to clear plugged pipes, and there are many advantages to using it. Here are a few of them.

It’s thorough and effective

Water jetting’s chief benefit is that it does the job the best. Whatever is causing the blockage in your pipe, be it debris, grease or another material, the pressurized water used in water jetting usually has a power of 4,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), and it completely cleans out the pipe. This includes any leftover residue that might be otherwise left behind by using other pipe-cleaning methods.

It’s good for the environment

Some pipe-cleaning methods require the use of harsh and caustic chemicals, which can be damaging to not only your pipes but the surrounding environment too. Hydro jetting requires only the use of water, and because the water is concentrated and pressurized, the total amount of water used is relatively small.

It’s cost effective

Because of its thoroughness, water jetting means that you won’t have to clean out your pipes as often as you would using other pipe-cleaning methods. In addition to that, it’s a much cheaper solution than having your pipes opened to be cleaned. If that’s not enough, it is a quicker process, which means you won’t have to pay as much for labor.

It’s cleaner

If your pipes are clogged, chances are that there’s more to the blockage than just the solid mass. There’s likely thousands of unsanitary bacteria present as well. If you’ve ever noticed an unpleasant odor emanating from one of your drains, this can be a tip-off that there’s bacteria present. Hydro jetting is so powerful and effective that it would blast away any harmful bacteria in addition to any dirt and debris that are clogging your pipes.

It’s more maneuverable

Old homes frequently have outdated or oddly-shaped pipe systems. Not helping matters is that said pipes are often fragile too. Instead of being forced to open these old pipes to clean them, hydro jetting offers an easier alternative. The hose used in hydro jetting can be inserted directly into pipes, allowing it to get where it needs to go with convenience and ease.

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As you can see, there are numerous benefits to cleaning your pipes with the water jetting process. So next time you’re having trouble with your pipes, give us a call at Gullett Sanitation Services, Inc. We’re the experts when it comes to wastewater management, septic services, pipe cleaning and their respective processes. We understand how important it is to have functional plumbing, and it’s our goal to ensure that you and your family have that for years to come.