When a Clogged Storm Drain Can Be Deadly

You might think a clogged storm drain is ugly or just a bit of a pain, but the reality is that this is a hazard that could result in injury or death. During floods and severe storms, clogged storm drains are liable to result in powerful currents that can sweep people away. This was the case in 2015 during storms that wrecked Texas and Oklahoma. In fact, several deaths due to storm drains occur in America every year.

Unclogging drains and taking care of sludge disposal in Bethel, OH is no easy business. Next time you need wastewater services, it’s best to go with a reputable name in the industry. Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. can take care of all your septic system needs. Here’s a closer look at why a clogged storm drain could be a major issue and what you can do about it.

Why do storm drains get clogged?

Storm drains are designed to collect all the water running off a property, but in the process, they collect plenty of other stuff, too. Everything from branches, leaves and soil to trash and other debris can plug up the drain, leading to a dangerous situation.

This is when water starts to collect, flooding the surrounding area and posing a threat to motorists and passersby. Overloaded and clogged pipes also pose a hazard to your property. The build up of water can ruin gardens, wash away stone or brick paths and flood the basement. Ignoring the risks of a clogged storm drain isn’t a smart idea.

How should I deal with a clogged storm drain?

Luckily, regular maintenance of storm drains can prevent this situation. Debris is going to clog the drain at some point, but removing it solves the problem. This maintenance should be completed semi-annually and include both clearing the grate and the catch basin to ensure water can pass through.

If both the grate and the catch basin are free and clear of debris, but the storm drain still isn’t working, then the issue is likely on the other end, where the pipe comes out. This is often the result of plants, trees or bushes that have grown over the years and blocked the pipe.

No homeowner or business owner wants to deal with wastewater issues. That’s why Gullett Sanitation Services Inc. has been happy to provide the best in storm drain cleaning and sludge disposal in Bethel, OH for more than seven decades. From clearing clogged storm drains to maintaining and repairing septic systems, we take care of our customers. Our vast scope of services includes mobile dewatering of sludge and slurries, biosolids permitting and consulting services, plus repairs and service on sewer system lines up to eight inches in diameter.

For fast, reliable service from a company you can trust, turn to Gullet Sanitation Services Inc. We use only top name brands and quality products for repairs and maintenance. Call today for a free estimate and to learn more about how we can help you.

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